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This recipe is delicious and very impressive!! I used a box cake mix, because I had one. Also I dipped extra strawberries in dark chocolate and white chocolate and decoated around the bottom of the cake. Then I drizzled some of each of the chocolates on the top of the cake.Nice presentation!!

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he_loves_u2 May 11, 2011

delicious dessert! I used my Wonderful Angel Food Cake for the cake, this also makes a lovely presentation to serve at a get together, thanks for sharing Nasseh!

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Kittencal@recipezazz July 24, 2008

This is an easy, yummy cake. I made it as written. I think it was better the second day, after having sat in the fridge overnight. We'll be making this again. Thanks!

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Tessv April 22, 2008

Love how it looked, those who ate it ate it well! (DH said it was alright, mother asked for the iceing recipe, father raved, sisters liked it a lot along with friends so yes it is good!) (I am gluten free, ect, ect so I would not try it). I used a good boxed brand angel food cake which I made, fresh strawberries which I sliced rather than quartered so they were all over the cakes sides and top (also added a drizzling of strawberry sundae syrup to one portion that was a gift - loved the look of it that way too and it was all eaten up and raved over). I also used regular Cool Whip, Philadelphia brand cream cheese, plus the rest of the ingredients. We didn't have enough icing because I was unable to make the total amount called for so we just had it over the cake without filling, they said in retrospect it didn't need it and would be too rich but I think if I made it again, for looks I would do it!! Then again I am just looking at it lol. Made for RAMADAN TAG 2012!

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UmmBinat August 12, 2012
Strawberry Cream Cake