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I passed this along to a friend who was searching for something homemade to give for Christmas gifts. Guess what? She gave me some too!! She made several batches adding the glycerin and using the strawberries and cream fragrances. I absolutely love it!! I promised her I would give you this 5-star review. We both thank you for this creative idea and recipe.

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Susie in Texas January 04, 2003

This is spectacular! I've now made a few of these with different 'scents' :-) THanks for the recipe!!!

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love4culinary July 03, 2003

My neighbour insisted on making this and made two batches, one for her and one for me.(I hope that counts) She said it was so easy, and absolutely loves it. I have the finished product. She had to use liquid food colouring. I've never seen powdered in Canada. I was planning on making this myself but when she saw the recipe she was insistant that she would make it. i had the oils already (essential oils), although I made my own strawberry oil as I could not find it. I did not know how to make the fragrant oil but it worked out so I guess I did Ok. We have enough to make the neighbour hood smell great

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Chef at Heart February 07, 2007

This was so easy to make and the house is smelling terrific. Smells like springtime only it is fall. Oh well, so much for timing. So glad I stumbled upon this recipe...can't wait to try other scents. Will be a great addition to a gift basket! ~k

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~kdp September 30, 2005

I made a 1/3 of the recipe using the ingredients stated. Smells sweet and spring time fresh! Looks very pretty in the jar hope the picture here does it justice.

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Rita~ May 26, 2005

This had the most amazing smell when put together ! Made it for gift baskets and kept some for myself. It turns the water a light pink color. Used the same method of filling the glass bottles. Great !

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Valerie in Florida April 22, 2004

I made this in the afternoon today as a gift for someone. I used 3 cups of Epsom salt, 1 packet of Cherry flavour Kool-aid(how innovative is that!), 1 packet of Grape flavour Kool-aid(had this and the cherry one spare)and for the fragrances, I used 23 drops of Jasmine essential oil, 17 drops of lemon essential oil and 8 drops of orange essential oil(the combo is smelling heavenly!). I layered my salt in an empty Nutella jar[instead of throwing it away, why not put it to good use;)] in the following way: First, I put 1.5 cups of epsom salt. To this, I added the grape flavour Kool-aid and mixed it really well. Then, I added the jasmine essential oil and, once again, mixed it extremely well. After this layer was ready, I mixed together the remaining 1.5 cups of Epsom salt with the cherry flavour Kool-aid and the lemon and orange essential oils in a bowl. Then I carefully put this layer over the former one. Mmmmmmm - something smells incredible now and the grey-pink layers are looking very pretty;-)! I can't wait to gift it to my friend on Monday. She's going to love it, I know! Hint: I used a batch on myself and I didn't want to step out of the shower. LOL. Thank you very much for the great bath treat!

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Charishma_Ramchandani September 13, 2003
Strawberry & Cream Bath Salts