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We really enjoyed these slightly soft bar cookies. The recipe measurements and directions are very clear and accurate, although I did get a greater number of cookies by cutting them much thinner. These tasted so comforting - the perfect thing to eat while curled up in a chair reading a book and sipping a cup of tea. Thank you for this delightful, old fashioned, homey recipe.

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HeatherFeather September 09, 2002

Oh Merlot, these are amazing! Made for my Christmas goody trays, and they were a huge hit! They are very easy and quick to prepare, and look and taste like you spent much more time on them! I greased the pan well, and when they were done, I ran a knife around the edge of the pan, flipped the whole thing onto a cutting board, and used my pizza cutter to get perfect little squares. Don't remember how many I got, but it was much more than 12. And I thought the nuts would be too much, but I was WRONG! They were perfect! Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe my friend!

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ciao December 27, 2002

My recipe is exactly the same, but on a larger scale to make 2 jelly roll size pans. If you're having trouble spreading the dough on top, don't. Rather, press the first layer into your pans, cover with your jam and then drop little "balls" of dough all over the top. Don't shape the balls or anything fancy, just pinch off little chunks of dough and drop evenly all over. Gives the cookies a really nice, homey look. Also, my recipe uses only the yolks -- no white -- and that may make a difference in its "spreadability." I just make sure I'm making coconut macaroons on the same day!

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Jessica S. November 24, 2011

A great recipe! I had a class project where we had to discuss a foreign country and we got extra credit points if we brought in a food from the chosen country. Since I had been to the Czech Republic thats what I chose, and Strawberry Cookies would be the food. I made both Strawberry and Raspberry. Everybody loved the cookies. They were very easy to make, although spreading the batter was a SERIOUS irritation. But I discovered that greasing the spatula that I was using was extremely helpful. So for future reference for anyone considering making these...get a cooking spray and plan to use it liberally on the spatula...makes spreading the batter very easy!

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chazneeka June 20, 2008

These were great! My mother is part Czech, so I wanted to surprise her with these on my Xmas trays. She doesn't remember having anything like them, but she did enjoy. I agree the dough is hard to spread on top of the jam, but it is worth it! My only suggestion would be to use more filling. I used Baker's raspberry filling and it was delicious...I just think it could have used more...next time I'll try it! I needed about 38 minutes bake time and cut it into 36 pieces...perfect for a 2 bite treat! Thanks for sharing :)

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Karen=^..^= December 29, 2003

Great tasting treat!Like most reviewers I also found the dough to be non-spreadable,next time I will chill it and just drop pieces of it onto the jam layer as a few others have said.I omitted the walnuts and added a tsp of vanilla to the dough.I'd also add extra jam next time I make it.These would be great with any flavour jam.

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LuuvBunny May 01, 2012

This is a terrific cookie recipe. I've never had this type of cookie before. I just wanted to try it for the cookie trays because it looked so easy. I didn't have any strawberry jam so I subsituted seedless raspberry jam. I was able to cut 24 pieces (6 across and 4 down) from the pan. I had a little trouble handling the dough but this was eliminated after I put the dough in the refrigerator for a little while. This is a non-chocolate and sweet comfort food! :) Thank you for the recipe!

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Chicagopm December 21, 2003

I loved these cookies. They are great with a cup of tea. The dough was a bit hard to spread, but worth it!

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bikelap9 December 23, 2002

This is a good recipe. It was simple and easy to make. Spraying my spatula with cooking spray did really help smooth out the batter. I got 24 squares out of this recipe and it was great for a dessert tray. More like bars rather than cookies, but yummy. Great way to use up all the cans of jam I made this summer. Thanks for posting.

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zaar junkie November 22, 2009
Strawberry Cookies (Czechoslovakian)