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I made this recipe for my brother's birthday. I have only made cheesecake from a box before this. It was a super easy recipe. Everyone loved it and wanted seconds, but I had only made 1 cheesecake. From those who tasted it, I have already been asked to make this cheesecake for 3 other birthdays coming up!!! Love, love, love this recipe. Thanks for sharing ClawDeeuH!!!

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Rosie the Riveter June 10, 2012

Not only was this a georgeous presentation with very clear cut and easy to follow directions but the cake was FABULOUS! Will definately make again. Wish I could give it more stars. My husband is a strawberry cheesecake conniosour and nearly cried when he ate it. I don't even like cheesecake and I'm ready for my second piece!

I replaced graham crackers with petit bueres ground with cinnamon added and added more butter to the crust. Used the rind of one small letmon, which was about 1/2 teaspoon less than called for and baked in a water bath at exactly the temperatures listed... Absolutely no cracking. FANTASTIC! Thank you!

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Food Snob in Israel November 28, 2011

Let me start by saying this is not the first cheesecake I made. I have always made the ones that take more sour cream then cheese and have to wait days to be able to even eat the thing. Those were always good and I always got compliments on them.

This one? OMG! The ease of this recipe had me in doubts as to what it would turn out like. I have to say this is the best so far cheesecake recipe I have ever made! The cheesecake taste, I think, better than the ones that takes days to cure without the long wait. I did make mine in the morning and it was ready for dinner dessert.

For those reviewers that read about someone having cracks, just use the humid box method of putting a pan of boiling water underneath the cake as it is baking. NEVER open the door or turn on the light until it's done baking. Follow those two simple steps and you won't have a crack one.

This recipe was well written and the results could speak for themselves if my family didn't devour the cake in one setting! Oh I used fat free everything and splenda and still this cake came out great. Also, do not use splenda for the strawberry syrup. It doesn't work... lol If you can't have sugar try using a strawberry crystal lite drink mix and double the water and use cornstarch as ClawDeeuh instructed.. it works very well....

ClawDeeuh... I wish I could give this more stars! I am going to try to make this a base recipe for a German chocolate cheesecake next week will report back with how that goes.. lol Thank you again for a great recipe!

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WyomingMoonDust June 19, 2011

Since this was my 1st attempt at a "real" cheesecake, I chose this one since it seemed to be ALOT of "first attempts" for people. It turned out wonderful! The timing is perfect with well written instructions. I plan to bring it to my FIL for Valentine's Day. My DH and DD(especially!) seem to be pleased with the "taste" that they got, so I cannot wait to present this to him. Thank You so much!!

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kellychris February 11, 2011

This is the first time I have ever made a cheesecake that actually needed to be baked. It was fantastic and easy enough my 3 year old could help me. The lemon was great (I used the zest of 1 large lemon - not sure exactly how much that was). I used a pre-made pie crust and would recommend if you do that, buy the extra-large one. I couldn't quite fit all the filling into the small one.

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jessi0824 December 10, 2010

Great recipe, I use fresh strawberries and mash them in a food processors, the flavor is wonderful!

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Pinkladychef February 07, 2010

It was very good and easy to make, I gave it 4 out of 5 because it just wasnt as good as some but was very good. Thanks

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momnkids April 11, 2009

Excellent cheesecake! The crust was very crumbly though...i am not sure if my grahm crackers were stale or if perhaps there was not enough butter. Overall it was still an excellent and simple recipe!

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Kristen Cooks! January 07, 2008
Strawberry Cheesecake