Strawberry Cheese Open-face Sandwich

Total Time
1 min
5 mins

I started making this sandwich when I was about 13. It's one of my favourites. I slice the cheese slightly thicker.

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  1. Spread margarine/butter and Strawberry jam on the slice of bread.
  2. Put sliced chedder on top.
  3. Toast sandwich until the cheese has melted- about 5 mins (I prefer them with blisters)
  4. Take out of oven.
  5. Cool before digging in!
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I bought a big jar of strawberry jam on sale, then looked for recipes. Made two of these for a bedtime snack last night (one for me & one for DH). Actually, it was really good. Faster than grill cheese sandwiches and just sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I too left out the butter. My DH has suggested to use apple butter next time to see if it tastes like apple pie with cheese.

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This was great! I had to use all low sugar, low fat ingredients but it sure didn't take away the taste. Thank you!

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Just made this, it was very good. I tried it out of sheer curiosity. Didn't have any strawberry jam, I used raspberry. And used shredded cheddar cheese from a bag. Will definitely be eating this again. Great for a quick and easy snack. Thanks for the recipe.