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I liked this, although I can't honestly say I loved it. That has more to do with the texture than with the taste, though. Even after pureeing until quite smooth, there is a granular texture to the sauce -- from the cottage cheese -- that is a little unsettling. If you didn't know you were eating cottage cheese, I suspect it would be bothersome. I liked the taste a lot, although I did increase the sugar a tiny bit (thinking all the while that honey would have been good too), and I think this would go well with any type of fruit or fruit mixture. I don't much like cold fruit, so I had some straight out of the fridge then let my serving sit for about 10 minutes, then finished it. I enjoyed that more. This recipe was very easy to make and I certainly appreciate that it's so healthy!

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Lennie June 07, 2005
Strawberry Chantilly