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Wonderful! I made this for my daughter's birthday (she loves strawberries). I did omit the coconut and pecans from both the cake and frosting, otherwise I followed the recipe exactly. I checked the cakes after baking 18 minutes and I was glad I did because they were done. I made white chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate dipped strawberries and sprinkled them lightly with a mix of pink sprinkles. I then topped the frosted cake with the strawberries. We all enjoyed this immensely...the cake was flavorful and very moist. Thank you for the recipe.

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swissms May 09, 2010

I've always liked strawberry cake but this cake has made a true believer out of me! Because of this cake, I LOVE strawberry cake now and can't stop thinking about this delectable, delicious, mouth-watering, tender, flavor-packed cake! How could I not love this scrumptious cake with such a dreamy frosting? It has some of my favorite ingredients in it (coconut, pecans, strawberries, cream cheese)!!! If you want to impress people with a strawberry cake, this is THE ONE to swear by. I can't wait to make it again!

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SSX August 19, 2010

A perfect cake for a perfect summer day!Like a lot of reviewers I omitted the pecans and coconut,I just wanted a strawberry cake and what a delicious one it is!I used two 9 inch cake pans and it was just right,the cakes are nice and level so I didn't even have to trim the tops off.I found the icing was a little thin but I figure that's because I didn't use the pecans and coconut which have thickened it up a little but I just added some extra icing sugar and putting it in the fridge helps too.Absolutely delicious!!

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LuuvBunny July 20, 2013

My wife made this for me for our Valentines dinner. We absolutely loved it! She made the frosting with nuts and it really enhanced the flavor for us. This could fast become our favorite cake and we look forward to having it often!

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ChefMightyRich February 14, 2011

I made this for Thanksgiving dinner, the frosting is a keeper though I only used 2 cups of confectioner sugar and the sweetness is perfect! I am disappointed of the cake because it came out a bit dry, though I followed the instructions carefully especially when mixing the batter. I don't know if I did something wrong. Anyhow despite all of this, I still enjoy eating the cake and of course the frosting! Thanks.

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HLTagud November 27, 2009

Yum! I made this for my son's birthday cake. I followed the recipe except I left out the coconut and pecans like others due to my son's personal taste. It was marvelous! I love the REAL strawberry flavor! My son loves strawberry cake so I'm sure I'll make this again! Thanks for posting!

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Purple Mama January 22, 2009

This was so delicious and moist. I didn't add the coconut or pecans to either the cake or frosting, as my daughter doesn't care for them. The cake still turned out great. I also made only 2 layers instead of 3. Make sure to drain the berries well before adding to frosting, as it makes it softer and harder to spread.

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melmaddie August 10, 2008

The frosting was very yummy, but I had to use more powdered sugar than called for to stiffen it up. The cake flavor was wonderful, but the cake was a little dense. Next time I will try to get a fluffier cake or maybe even try the frosting on a chocolate cake.

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tarab5 July 01, 2016

I forgot to rate this recipe. I've baked it a handful of times now, always without the nuts and coconuts and it's still very worthy of special occasions. The icing is like creamy strawberry ice cream. It's perfect as is, but I now add a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and a tsp. of lemon zest to the batter. Plus a tsp of lemon juice and a pinch of zest to the frosting.

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cjsmama December 23, 2014

First to admit, I was expecting to not like it (not a fan of box mixes). Last week one super cold winter day (-24) my 3-1/2 yr old asks for strawberry cake. Found this and had everything to make it. AMAZING. Better the next day and after. We loved it, definitely a keeper. And one we can tweak with other flavors. I posted a photo of the inside, since everyone had uneaten photos. :) YUM thank you so much for posting! I should add that I also reduced the sugar in the frosting to less than 2 cups, omitted the nuts and coconut like others, thinned frosting with half and half and pureed the fresh strawberries. And my cake was done in less time than stated, so keep an eye on it!

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valeriefromWI January 30, 2014
Strawberry Cake With Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting