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This was great! I made it with fresh strawberries and cut the fat by substituting an equal amount of applesauce for the oil. It still looked superb, turned out very moist and I'd definitely make it again. Thanks for a great recipe!

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Sackville May 22, 2002

The bread was moist and tasted good. The top of the loaf was nice and crispy. I would suggest that the instructions say to mash or puree the strawberries before adding to the mixture. I recommend adding about 1/4 c. of confectioner's sugar to the cream cheese and strawberry juice mixture. It makes the spread just a little bit sweeter. I cut the loaves lengthwise first and then crosswise to make my small finger sandwiches.

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Marie Nixon June 08, 2003

Love this bread! I have been making this same recipe for many, many years. The only difference is that mine has 1 t. red food coloring and is baked at 325 deg.

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adopt a greyhound January 24, 2010

I made this into a double layer cake w/ whole wheat flour, 1/2 apple sauce & mixed berries for the 4th of July. I added a pinch of salt, because salt is ALWAYS needed in baking and put plain cream cheese in between the two rounds. I frosted it with sweetened whipped cream and topped it with strawberries and blue berries for the holiday. Next time I will tripple the cinnamon so we can taste it better, but it was a hit at our family BBQ. Thanks for posting!

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Motivated Mama July 05, 2009

I loved this, and it went over very well, even though I was rushing and didn't cool the bread enough to slice cleanly (I'm making them again this weekend). I did make a minor substitution though - upon reading some reviews that seemed to indicate it should be sweeter, I just used a 24-oz package of pre-sweetened sliced strawberries. It made both the bread and the spread very delicious!

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MissyJ444 April 21, 2009

Wow this was great-- all the kids loved it and I have a big batch ready now in the freezer for a birthday party treat! I made a few adjustments-- I used applesauce instead of oil, as one reviewer suggested, and I used 2 cups of strawberry puree (not chopped ultra fine--still with a few chunks in there) since I was starting with fresh strawberries. I just took a guess that it was what would be equivalent to 2 x 10 oz packages, and I think it was just the right amount. I put 1 1/2 cups into the bread and I saved 1/2 cup out to mix with the cream cheese. For the cream cheese mixture, I adjusted by putting in 1/2 cup powdered sugar along with 1/2 cup strawberry puree (pureed really fine) (we wanted it sweet). I think I might try our extra cream cheese spread on strawberry bagels this week-- mmmm! I guess the only thing I'd want to change in the instructions is a note that freezing before cutting and spreading will add a lot of time to the prep. I think this bread would be good just out of the oven, too, but to do just like the instructions say is more than the time listed. Not a big deal, perhaps-- if you don't want them right away. :-) I gave this one 5 stars for being easy, with easily accessible ingredients, turned out great (though we did change it by using puree and applesauce and powdered sugar), and liked by all our family members, and one we plan to recommend to friends.

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paigetables November 21, 2008

Will definitely make again! Delicious and moist cake doesn't even need the cream cheese topping. If you DO make it, definitely add 1/4c sugar to cut the tartness of the cream cheese. I used a combination of fresh/frozen strawberries. Also followed one reviewer's suggestion of pureeing the strawberries. This was a hit!

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lynmoz March 12, 2008

I liked it, but my husband was not too fond of it. I was expecting it to be a little sweeter. Putting cool whip on top may help.

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Bittersweetened February 12, 2007
Strawberry Bread with Cream Cheese