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Just what I was looking for. I wasn't sure when i was supposed to mash the bananas? I just froze them in chunks with the berries and in processing they never really broke up. Next time i'll play around and try mashing them before freezing, or maybe only freezing the berries then adding the unfrozen mashed bananas, processing and freezing before serving. Either way, I'll be making this again. Great with whipped cream on a hot night.

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Nikoma July 02, 2008

I tried this tonight as I was searching for something super simple for bananas and strawberries. This recipe makes me realize I need to invest in a good food processor as my blender was not sufficient. I wish I would have been able to get the texture smoother because I don't like chunks, but overall, the taste is super yummy... it's a healthy dessert I'm 100% good with giving my husband and son and I plan to make it again.

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#712893 ChefMom April 29, 2008
Strawberry-Banana Sorbet