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This is my first time making lemon curd and OMG, I love it! This recipe was so simple with such grand presentation. All my friends were impressed. Maybe the phyllo sheets are different in sizes in the USA and Greece, because I had to use 8 phyllo sheets to get 12 4-inch squares. This will definitely be on my "make again" list! Thank you, Evelyn!

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Grace Lynn November 25, 2014

These were a huge hit...too bad I am on a diet and just one was a splurge for me...I could have eaten an entire tray!

I used five layers of phyllo for each cup and I made them smaller and used mini muffin pans so they were bite sized. Had to cut the strawberries up pretty small.

I guess the biggest issue w/ the strawberries is that they're not in season, so not super sweet. Maybe mixing in a littel sugar to get them sweet and juicy would be a good idea. If I make these again, I will try it with raspberries as I just think the combination of the lemon and raspberry would be better.

Will definitely make these again. :)

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Jamie Suzanne March 24, 2011

This was an outstanding dessert, Evelyn--lovely to look at and delicious to eat! I liked that most of the work could be done ahead, especially since this was my first time making lemon curd and only my second time working with filo. (All went quite well, except for that filo sheet casualty we won't talk about :)) It actually ended up being a pretty simple dessert, especially for one so flavorful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us!

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GaylaJ May 14, 2007

I just make the lemon curd and placed then inbetween layers of toasted wonton wrappers. The lemon curd was great, this is my new lemon curd recipe to go to! Thanks for posting!

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anme February 27, 2007

This went down a treat at work as we "christened" the newly opened conference room and kitchenette in our refurbished wing. I am on an elimination diet for allergies and not allowed flour etc so let 15 of my colleagues do my reviewing for me. If you can imagine them all stuffing their faces, the meeting beginning rather late and them saying ,"yum this is good " in French, Dutch, English, Italian and German around the table with their mouths full.. ...well you get the picture :) The one single negative comment made was that the lemon curd was maybe a little too runny, one person thought it could have been thicker - like a set custard tart<- (their idea). Personally I don't know if it's even possible to get lemon curd THAT set... but there you have it, 15 colleagues liked this very much indeed. I followed the instructions to the letter: filo pastry here comes in a package where the sheets are folded in three, once thawed it was very hard to hold a sheet together at the folded edges so I used the fold lines and cut each sheet in 3 along the long edge, then in half along the short edge. This meant that 4 sheets gave 6 filo shells, and there were 10 sheets in a package so I got 14 tartlets in all, probably a little smaller in size than your recipe states, but it worked for me. Please see my rating system, a wonderful internationally reviewed 5 stars! Thanks :)

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kiwidutch June 17, 2006

I halved the recipe--made six baskets filled with curd and garnished with a combination of strawberries, blueberries and fresh mint. Avery simple and delicious dessert. Thanks, Ev!

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Chef Kate June 12, 2006

Prepared this for the ZWT of 2006. I have learned that me and phyllo don't do well together. I tried to make the baskets but they were a bit of a mess. I ended up going back to the store and buying the premade cups. That said, the lemon curd was divine and went very well with the strawberries. I also used fresh raspberries on some of my cups. thanks.

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justcallmetoni June 10, 2006

Evelyn, this is one of the best desserts I have ever made or eaten! And believe me, I've made and eaten more than my share! I confess, I DID use another recipe to make the Lemon Curd, but it's the 'idea' which is most important here. The Filo baskets were actually far less trouble than I feared. 4 filo sheets made 4 squares, which was all I needed for my dinner party. I served the baskets on large, white dinner plates. Before serving, I drizzled the plates (sparingly but decoratively) with cream and strawberry coulis, then placed the baskets in the centre and sprinkled generously with sifted icing sugar (confectioner's sugar). Because the baskets wouldn't take a lot of strawberries, I arranged a few more strawberries on the side of the plates. My guests actually gasped when I brought the plates to the table, and they were still talking about the dessert the next day. Not just a success - a culinary triumph! (And easy too! ;-) Thank you! This will become a standard dinner party dish in our home.

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Kookaburra June 10, 2005

The taste of this is so FABULOUS that it makes up for my having the darndest time with the baskets! I made the curd while the phyllo was thawing. It went as per the instructions except that it took mine about 30 minutes to thicken (sent me into a near panic at about 20 minutes). Got that in the refrigerator and on to the baskets. My sheets would only yield 6 squares and I tried 2 sets of them. They fell apart trying to get them into the muffin tin or just didn't look very good upon baking. I had to think of something to do with the curd so I used puff pastry shells and they worked fine. Everyone loved these! Thanks for the fantastic recipe!

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Ducky July 13, 2004
Strawberry and Lemon Curd Phyllo Baskets