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I thought these were very good. I made as prescribed except I added bananas at the last minute to the strawberries because I didn't think there would be enough (some of my strawberries went bad). A couple of things I would change - we did not like the cream mixture because of the mace. I've never had it before and it seemed out of place or maybe we just don't like that spice. I just made whipping cream and sugar with a dab of sour cream to use on top. I would also like the directions in a different order. I skimmed and saw that the strawberries needed to be regrigerated, so I made those and then a little while later started to make the crepes and then saw on the very last step that they also need to be refrigerated. I would like to see everything that needs to be refrigerated at the beginning and then how to assemble at the end. That would have eliminated this little mix-up. I just refrigerated for less time and it was fine.

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Crocheting Mama June 16, 2007

This was just the perfect thing to end the meal with! The crepe were the perfect touch!! Lovely picture!

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Jessica K September 10, 2005
Strawberries Savannah With Chocolate Crepes