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Simply delicious. I reduced the sugar the 2 tbsp since I find strawberries naturally sweet enough for my tastes. I also added a tsp of sugar to the whipping cream. We loved this dessert. The orange juice is a very nice flavour booster for the whipping cream. I think this would be good over other fruit as well.

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Dreamer in Ontario August 09, 2008

Chick - I just can't believe that something so VERY simple makes such a great impression for a dessert! What a nice flavor with the orange juice in the whipping cream. I served it by just topping the strawberries with the whipped topping instead of mixing the strawberries in. My kids raved and raved! Edited to add: I did add 1 tbls granulated sugar while whipping the cream. Whipped for 5 minutes and then added the orange juice and continued whipping for 1-2 minutes until firm again. Worked great! I'm so glad I recipe-napped you in the AU/NZ Swap May 2008!

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HokiesMom June 01, 2008
Strawberries Romanoff