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I've made this three times. The first time, I followed the recipe, using all sharp cheddar. Sharp Cheddar is my favorite cheese, but it was a bit overpowering for the recipe. Now I make it with half sharp cheddar and half white American (cut up into small pieces) from the deli. It's perfect! Just enough bite from the cheddar, and smooth and creamy from the American. I'm done searching for the perfect mac and cheese recipe.

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Casey in DC November 20, 2010

I was very surprised at just how good this was-- I am *not* a fan of eggs in my mac & cheese, so much so that when I make Alton Brown's baked mac & cheese recipe I've been known to "forget" about the egg it calls for. I just don't like how it makes it set up all "custardy" because I prefer a much smoother sauce. This, however, was unbelievably good! Even with all the eggs in it, it came out creamy, cheesy (not at all bland) and perfect. At my husband's request, I put it in a baking dish, sprinkled over some buttered fresh breadcrumbs and ran it under the broiler. That made it "set up" somewhat which was okay but not my favorite (again, I'm more a fan of the Stouffer's-type creamy sauce). Next time-- and there WILL be a next time because this was super fast and easy, much faster than regular baked mac & cheese-- I will make part of it like that for him, and the rest I'll eat right out of the pot!!

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LianneNC July 25, 2010

This was the BEST! I doubled the recipe and seved it as the main dish with a side of tomatoes and onions with Peter Luger Sauce. I think it was the perfect amount for my family (with some left over for lunch). It is very filling but one of those dishes you just don't want to stop eating because it is so good. AND EASY. Took no more than 20 minutes front to back. It is even easy enough for a simple lunch for the kids. The only change I made was with the milk. I forgot to get the evap milk so I used half the amount of cream (because it was all I had) and half the amount of whole milk. If it suffered, I didn't notice. The mustard is the key ingredient for me. I won't make a mac and cheese recipe without it. Thanks for posting this great recipe.

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Ilysse June 24, 2010

This was a pretty good recipe. I've had better mac and cheese recipes, but this one is really quick and easy to make so it deserves 4 stars on that fact. I usually don't have milk or cream on hand so the evaporated milk was really great. This recipe reminds me of Stouffer's mac and cheese. It's really good and cheesy. I used the food network recipe which calls for 3/4 tsp of dry mustard. The only difference I would make to the recipe is to go ahead and boil a whole pound of pasta. I made half a pound of spiral pasta and it was literally swimming in cheese sauce. It seem like a huge waste, so I made half a pound more of pasta and mixed it in. This is a great starter recipe, I definitely see myself making this again with some add-ins.

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embuggy March 16, 2010

Excellent Mac-n-Cheese! My only altercation from your recipe-I had a 8 ounce package of sharp cheddar cheese. I used and additional 1/4 cup of cheese whiz I had left over from another recipe. My husband loved it! I had a good amount of leftover mac-n-cheese so I added about 1/8 cup additional evaporated milk, stirred well and poured into a buttered dish which I froze for another night. It was a little juicy at that point which will make it easy to bake. Loaded with flavor, came together fast and got the "you can make this anytime" from my husband which equals 10 stars! Thank you for posting! Di ;-)

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Dib's June 21, 2010

So good! I made it just as it was written, and then I made another batch but I only had one egg and 6 oz. of cheese. I think I liked it better that way! Very good, give it a try!

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1026891 February 19, 2014

I made this tonight an I wouldn't change a thing about it except to vary the cheeses sometimes.<br/>It was easy to make and all the ingredients are usually in the house. The best thing is how down right good it is!

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Mrs. J January 12, 2014

This mac & cheese was delicious! I made the mistake of giving my kids boxed mac and cheese when they were little so any time I made "real" mac & cheese they turned their noses up at it. Last night I decided we were going to attempt it again, when I realized I didn't have enough milk for Alton's baked mac & cheese recipe. I had all of the ingredients on hand, and this came together so quickly. Because it was ready before the rest of dinner, it sat for about 5min, and the sauce tightened up beautifully and coated the noodles even better than it did "fresh". The results - a super creamy, cheesy mac & cheese that even my two little critics gobbled up! Now to keep all of the ingredients on hand at all times so we never have to return to the box.

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Stephanie Huston December 11, 2013

I first saw this on the Food Network and then read some of the over 600 reviews. Some of the negative complaints were "it's too soupy, or grainy etc. I just made it and IMO the flavor and initial texture were great. It was soupy at first, but being an experienced cook, I knew it would 'tighten' up and it did., (and I did not cook my pasta 'al dente', I like my pasta 'cooked')...to the point that 2 hours later I had to add milk to it. I doubled the recipe, but made it exactly as written. It also turned out, after that time, to be a little 'grainy', but I attribute that to cheap generic cheddar cheese. ALL-in all this was good, but I never should have doubled it, 'cause now I have enough to feed an army. thanks for posting.

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arroz241_11561377 April 29, 2013

Soooooo Good! I doubled the recipe and just used the cheese I had on hand, Colby, monterey jack and parmesan. Special ingredient; fresh grated nutmeg. Yummy!

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Momster Mash October 22, 2012
Stove Top Mac-N-Cheese by Alton Brown