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WARNING: DIRECTIONS ARE WRONG. You may end up with expensive ingredients wasted.<br/><br/>I don't like giving any bad reviews but in this case I have to to get your attention to how much time, food and dishes will be wasted if you follow these directions. The prep is well over 30 minutes. The first direction don't turn on the stove till told to is a mistake. There are two number 7s and a lot missing. When to add lemon zest and oyster sauce are not noted. The food done exactly as written was raw after 20 minutes. Either she means precook the meat and then steam on low with all this or she is missing steps. We had bought the extensive list of ingredients and was eager to try it but after an hour plus with starving family members and raw food we ended up salvaging the dish by dividing it into 2 batches and stir frying in a wok instead of layering in a skillet pan as directed. (It was hard because there was raw meat touching veggies, veggies that should be cooked longer than the meat.) It wasn't optimal as all these ingredients have varied cooking times but after the thought of wasting it all we did it. The taste after stir frying was good. The veggies and pineapple with the meat were tasty. The sauces were interestingly good but not sure when to add the two ingredients above. All in all if you start with a wok and ignore the directions it should work out better. Hopefully the chef changes the directions but until then beware.

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ChefDLH January 26, 2014

Better than the restaurants when cooked precisely as described. Excellent Dish!

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PETER R. April 15, 2014
Stirfry Steamed With Sirloin Strips