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This is pretty good - nothing SPECTACULAR, but quite tasty. I used PAM instead of oil for the stir-frying (I have a really good nonstick pan). Thanks for the recipe.

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Georgiapea August 23, 2005

This is really good! I made a couple of changes- I used dried shitakes that I re-hydrated while the tofu was marinating, and added shiratake noodles. I also added a touch of MSG, since the flavor needed a little something to make it pop. I love the marinated tofu- once the edges are browned, the flavor is just wonderful; toasty, slightly spicy from the pepper flakes, and VERY Japanese from the marinade ingredients. A splash of lime juice would also be yummy here, but would take it in a more Thai direction. I started the peas, mushrooms, garlic and ginger at the same time, but I also cooked them until the peas were just barely crisp (I don't like my veggies cooked past barely crisp-tender). Since I added the noodles (which were a bit watery), the sauce wasn't quite as thick as I'd like it, so I might up the cornstarch just a bit next time. I'm really looking forward to having the leftovers of this for lunch tomorrow! Just another thought- if you aren't a big tofu fan, this would also be good with cubed chicken breast; as long as you marinate it for longer.

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IngridH September 19, 2012
Stir-Fried Tofu With Mushrooms, Sugar Snap Peas, and Green Onion