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This is excellent. I did make some adjustments (based on ingredients I had at hand) - I used 1/2 of the chicken and added more veggies- carrots, mushrooms,green pepper, green peas. Also, substituted pasta for the rice. I didn't have any sherry, so I used merlot instead. It's the combination of the garlic, ginger, soy and wine that make this recipe. Awesome! DH loved it too! Highly recommended.

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Diana_re2004 June 11, 2008

I made this recipe for Add More Veggies Challenge ZWT4. I added 1 cup of cauliflower, one medium carrot and 3 green onions. I used only 3 breasts so I did not need to make extra sauce for the extra veggies. I really could taste the sherry in this sauce. Very good! I served this over steamed white rice.

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susie cooks May 28, 2008

We enjoyed this very much! I threw in some extra veggies (carrots, onions, water chestnuts and mushrooms)Delicious. Like some of the other reviewers, I like the beautiful golden sauce before adding the soy sauce and sherry. I think next time I will just add a few splashes at a time until I get it where I want it. Definitely a keeper though. Thanks for posting!

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little_wing April 25, 2007

This was great! I loved the flavor and consistency of the ginger sauce. I added some julienned sliced carrots for color and think that some red bell peppers would go well too. Thanks cookiedog!

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poo235 April 21, 2007

Delicious! Crisp veggies and a tasty sauce. It does take a bit more time to prepare than other stir-frys, but you'll appreciate the effort at the end. I added a few slices of onion and I used reduced sodium soy sauce. Served this over noodles. I will certainly make this again; maybe throw some carrots in, too. Thanx for posting.

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*Parsley* March 19, 2007

I goofed on this one using Zaar to cut the recipe in half. Unfortunately, the program does not do well with thirds and I ended up with a sauce that had a bit too much soy sauce and sherry. Made some adjustments by quickly adding a little more broth. Despite my own blunder, the dish was very good. Light tasting and great flavor. A bit broccoli-ed out, I replaced the veggie with some baby corn, water chestnuts and carrots. This is a great way to make a stir-fry using little or no oil. Next time, I may even steam the chicken, a common practice at some NYC Chinese restaurants. (3/18/07 Update: Made it again and loved it as much I thought I would. In the correctly prepared dish the ginger adds a wonderful spicy-peppery flavor without heat.) Thanks cookiedog.

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justcallmetoni March 18, 2007

Cookiedog, we liked this... I used two chicken breasts, but taking into consideration Toni's review kept the sauce exactly as stated and reduced down my chicken stock mix a little to intensify it and the result was neither too little sauce nor too much. This recipe was quite paradoxical.. it was a wonderful aroma of garlic and ginger one minute.. and was like a completely different recipe once the soy sauce and sherry were added becuase those flavours immediately became predominant, while the ginger and garlic remained as soft aftertaste flavours in the background. That said, we still liked this combination of flavours a lot. I would use just a *fraction* less sherry and soy next time as I liked the intensity of the ginger especially when it was strongest... Please see my rating system: over all a yummy and healthier style meal that I'm trying to convert to more often that was easy to put together and popular with DH. Thanks!

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kiwidutch February 10, 2007
Stir-Fried Ginger Chicken