Stir Crazy Kettle Corn

Total Time
1 min
5 mins

I LOVE kettle corn, and after much experimentation, I have created the perfect recipe for home-made kettle corn by using my favorite popcorn-making device--the Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper.

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  • 12 cup popcorn
  • 12 cup sugar
  • 12 cup vegetable oil
  • salt


  1. Make sure your Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper is turned off.
  2. Using your Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper, combine ingredients on the non-stick surface of the machine.
  3. Cover the Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper with the bowl provided by Stir Crazy.
  4. Turn on Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper.
  5. Watch the popcorn pop! It's fun!
  6. When only 3 seconds remain in between pops, flip Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper over to yield a big bowl of kettle corn.
  7. Salt to your liking!