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Oh my goodness, can I give these about 100 stars? Yes, they're THAT good! I'm usually not a fan of wings, but my husband is, so I made these for him. Extrememly easy to make, and the results are fabulous! Not overly spicy, like buffalo wings, it's a subtle spiciness. You could add more or less chilies if you wanted to. So, I made them for my husband, handed him the plate, and watched him INHALE them. I had to taste for myself. The meat is tender, juicy, and just falls off the bone...amazing. I kept swiping some for myself and making him mad, lol. He wated them all. Anyone that even remotely likes wings must try these. Even if you don't like wings, these will make you a convert! Thank you KM! (Pick Your Chef, Dec 2003)

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ciao December 10, 2003

These had really good flavour, but the wings looked... well kinda ugly when all was said and done. I added a cornstarch slurry to the sauce to thicken it, then put the wings back into the sauce. That was a good move. The thickened sauce was more of a glaze and coated the wings nicely, giving them a much better appearance. Thanks for a good recipe!

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Miraklegirl January 24, 2004

Oh my!!These were wonderful.Worthy of 100 stars llike leannr said!!I used boneless,skinless thigs and drumsticks.(4 total)They were saturated with flavor,husband wanted to know what was in this chicken cause it tasted soooo good and we all agreed KitchenManiac!After the sauce had boiled down to coat chicken I threw in some noodles to absorb all the leftovers and I'll tell you we were licking the pot!

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crawfish pie January 09, 2004

it's a wonderful, delish, and very easy recipe. thanks for posting it. i used wing drumlets, honey instead of sugar. and also rice wine vinegar instead of white wine vinegar. i cooked the sauce until very thick and that coated the chicken nicely. As i was too lazy to cook any rice, i just dumped in some leftover rice from the fridge - it soaked up the sauce. Very yummy. thanks!

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WaterMelon February 10, 2004

So good and so easy, made on the stove top.

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rosslare March 06, 2009
Sticky Chilli Chicken Wings