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I made this just for me for lunch and my potatoe weighed about 200 grams and I cooked in the oven as I was cooking something else and also cooked the the bacon in the oven adding it to the tray part the way through cooking the potato and then adding it later with the potato and I also used a sugar free maple syrup and well topped with some grated cheese (tasty/cheddar) and under the grill/broiler just before serving, a great lunch with a garden salad., Thank you katew, made for Make This Recipe, Edition 11.

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I'mPat December 09, 2010

very tasty! even the kids ate it :) my potato skins fell apart, so I mixed all the ingredients and reheated in a muffin pan. I topped mine with a little sour cream, very good! made for Aussie swap feb 2012

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mummamills February 19, 2012

I cut the number of sweet potatoes back to 2 because they were kinda big, but left the rest of the ingredient amounts the same, & that actually made enough for 4 servings! One other change I made was to use 1/4 cup of Hormel's Real Bacon Pieces & that worked out wonderfully! Loved the taste of these SPs & will be making them again this coming Saturday when my son & DIL will be here for a belated Thanksgiving dinner (although I'll have to leave the bacon out of those 2 vegetarians)! Thanks so much for this great keeper! [Made & reviewed in Everyday Is a Holiday recipe tag]

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Sydney Mike November 22, 2011

I lightened this up a bit and DH and shared one potato with dinner. The potato was microwaved until still a little firm. It was wrapped in foil and allowed to stand for about 30 minutes. This will cause the potato to continue to cook but not overcook. The bacon was microwaved until crisp and then crumbled. Real maple syrup was used as was Dijon mustard. The corn was omitted. This went very well with I'mPat's Sticky Chicken Drumsticks (Sticky Chicken Drumsticks).

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PaulaG November 17, 2010

And so easy!! This made a lovely supper, the savoury/ sweet combination of maple syrup and bacon is Always to die for!! Unfortunately I didn't have Dijon mustard, so I used English mustard, which would have more of a bite to it but I really like that! :) Very quickly prepared, smelled good, tasted good... and good for you! I made Ma Leetle Petit Pois to go with it, lovely supper, thank you Kate!

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Karen Elizabeth January 19, 2010

Christmas Recipe Tag 2009: Kate - this is so delicious! What a nice & tasty variation on stuffed potatoes!

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Mom2Rose January 13, 2010
Sticky Bacon & Sweet Potato Jackets