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This tasted soooo much better than canned stewed tomatoes from the store. I used light beer and fresh herbs from the garden, then froze it in quantities that will be perfect for adding to soup in the winter. The only thing I changed was using oil instead of butter. Thanks for a great way to use garden tomatoes and a new staple recipe.

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49flavours September 12, 2010

Wonderful way to prepare stewed tomatoes! I also use wine when making spaghetti sauce all be red have never thought to add it to stewed tomatoes till today (will be adding from now on). I made as written. Thanks for the post.

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Debbwl March 24, 2012

This recipe was just great! I know I'll be using this frequently this summer and fall to stock up my freezer for the winter! I used 9 romas and white grape juice (since there wasn't any wine in the house). I also added 3 T sugar since I like my tomatoes a little bit sweet. I was going to thicken them with some cornstarch but figured they would thicken a bit with the freezing and thawing process and I can always do that when we eat them just like I used to with canned tomatoes. Being as my 9 little romas only made 2 pts of tomatoes, I doubt they'll even make it to the freezer, but we'll see! Thanks for a great recipe!

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Krista Smith February 04, 2010

Here's a delicious side dish that requires minimal attention--what's better than that? I grew up on stewed tomatoes, but they never tasted this good--it must be the wine addition. Thanks for sharing such an easy, yet tasty recipe. I will make stewed tomatoes like this from now on.

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ladyfingers January 26, 2010

As summer winds down and garden tomatoes are a'plenty, this has been a "go to" recipe for me. I've made it twice now. Once served with toasted artisan bread and again (as a triple batch) served over fried polenta cakes w/ feta. So good! I peeled the tomatoes first and chose white wine (Pinot Gris) that was a gift made by a family member. Also used Greek Oregano dried from last year's garden. Simple food at it's best (wonderful flavors and fragrance while simmering!). I believe there is a Jefferson family cookbook and I would love to own a copy after trying this recipe. Thank you, Chef Shadows.

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averybird October 11, 2009

Update 8/09 -- kind of doubled the recipe --LOTSA tomatoes from the garden -- and let simmer for more than an hour. Finally added 1 slice of whole wheat bread, cubed, to soak up some of the juice ! A very good side ! (07)This was GOOD !! DH brought in yet one more batch of Roma tomatoes, after the frost - and I REALLY didn't want to do much to them. My mom used to make stewed tomatoes, and I had all the ingredients - and this was truly simple. I doubled the recipe (having 15 tomatoes), added 1 small sweet red pepper, with a thin skin which had survived the frost,chopped, 2 celery ribs - halved lengthwise then sliced, and maybe 1/4 cup fresh flat-leaf parsley from our AMAZING plants this year,chopped - started with 1/2 cup Pale Ale beer, and added more - to about 1/2 bottle. Did NOT peel nor seed tomatoes - just roughly quartered them. They simmered for over an hour, starting at REALLY wet and juicy - and finally condensed to a "mushy" consistency which complemented left-over mashed potato cakes, and sliced London Broil. I will be preparing this often next summer with our usual harvest of Romas. Thanks, Chef Shadows for a real winner !

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NurseJaney August 21, 2009

This is it! This is it! The same recipe I had a child when the gardens flourished strong with tomatoes and my Mom always had a pot of stewed tomatoes "stewing" in the right corner of the stove. I had it with onion as suggested and followed this exactly, except I threw a bit of celery in since I had a couple of pieces sitting around as escapees on the counter. Perfect, Den.Den is in total "stew tomatoes" mania now. Guess I will have to have this "stewing" around most of the summer. Thanks Shadows!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm March 18, 2008

Yummo, simple & tasty. I used fresh baby tomatoes & basil from the garden with some white wine, served on some garlic toast with melted cheese , this was great. Thanks!

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**Mandy** February 11, 2008

A friend gave me a bunch of roma tomatoes yesterday, and I used all of them making this recipe. I used olive oil instead of butter and I added some chopped celery to the saute. I used both basil and oregano (dried) and white cooking wine. I did also add a couple teaspoons of sugar (I like my tomatoes sweet). I peeled and seeded the tomatoes, the recipe doesn't say I should but I like it better that way. I served the stewed tomatoes on toast as part of tonight's italian style dinner. My boyfriend and I really loved it. Definetely will have to make it again.

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Mooncrystle September 15, 2007

10 Stars! I used Sjoes Limburgs Bier (alchol vrij) and it MADE this dish.... I also used more beer than called for and then gently simmered this until it reduced to a minimal amount of liquid, and I used LOTS of dried basil. Wonderful! The beer gives a sweetness and a mellowmess that cuts the acidity of the tomatoes, without being cloyingly sweet. I had this for lunch today and will be making more REALLY often! Please see my rating system: 5 wonderful stars for a recipe that is not only simple and healthy on it's own for lunch but also would be brilliant used as the basis for other recipes too. DH (the only beer drinker in our house) is going to find bottles of his various Dutch and Belgium beers going missing more often after this ! Thanks!!!

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kiwidutch February 28, 2007
Stewed Tomatoes Jefferson