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My mother made memorable chicken and dumplings. Unfortunately she never wrote the recipe down. I have searched for one that even remotely resembled hers. This recipe surpasses mom's at it's best. For once the chicken had flavour (I just love the addition of the poultry seasoning). The dumplings were fluffy and tender whereas mine in past had all the appeal of boiled wallpaper paste. I had to plead with my son to try this dish just once more...being a veteran of all my other failed attempts he was to say the least reluctant. He just loved them! Thank you Inez

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Myrna in London May 13, 2002

This was so good! Truly comfort food as I had hoped. I added an extra carrot and a can of chicken broth to this recipe. I also made cornbread to go along with the meal. I loved it and felt proud to serve this to my husband. He enjoyed it very much. Thanks, this is a keeper for me!

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MzPearl March 15, 2003

This was made for dinner last night and loved by all. The only thing I did differently was to use Bisquick for the dumplings, but everything else was the same. Loved it. Thanks for brining back memories of my Grandmother with this one!

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JaydensMommy22 January 19, 2004

Thank you....tried it and it was great. Jaydensmommy22...Did you just replace the flour with Bisquick..same amount I mean? Thank you!

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daroyal January 26, 2004

This was Delicious! I added twice the vegetables and a teaspoon of thyme. We all loved it, and I've already been requested to make it again! This was wonderful with egg noodles on the side. Thanks Inez for another great classic. ;)

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Teresa M November 07, 2003

Very good recipe. The only things I would do differently next time around is to use a little less poultry seasoning (3/4 tsp is great), a little less salt in the dumplings and use boneless chicken of some sort. I ended up cutting up a whole chicken and boiling the pieces for a while, pulling pieces out and picking meat off the bones to throw back in the soup. Way too much messy work. Probably use boneless, skinless breasts when I make it again (EDIT: Tried this, not as good. I'm back to boiling a whole chicken and picking the meat off. If your liquid doesn't cover the chicken, add chicken broth to cover). I also made a second batch of dumplings after the first batch was spoken for (If you do this, make sure the heat is a little lower and you stir it well before each batch of dumplings so the bottom doesn't burn). So good I wish I could eat more!
TIP: Make BIG dumplings (heaping tbsp fulls) if you want them fluffy inside rather than soggy. Also, I switched to making Bisquick dumplings (2C Bisquick, 2/3C milk). They just taste better. The dumplings in the recipe are too salty and I can taste the baking powder.

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nikidust August 21, 2011

It tastes really good, but it should really be classed as a soup more than a stew.

I made it in my crock pot with turkey legs, which I browned beforehand. I added peas and potatoes to the stew. I let the whole thing simmer on high for six hours and added the dumplings one hour before the end. It is delicious although it is more like a soup than a stew. I even added a fourth cup of flour to thicken it. It is still wonderful though.

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gardeninthepocket January 28, 2011

Very good recipe! I like that the recipe allows for changes for personal taste with no consequences. I adjusted the recipe a little. First, I lightly floured my chicken and browned it. This is a trick I remember from my grandma to help thicken the stew. Then, I added the rest of the stew ingredients. I reduced to 4 cups of water and 2 tsp bouillon. Instead of regular poultry seasoning, I used a Cajun poultry seasoning. With the dumplings, I used garlic salt instead of regular salt. I also had to add a couple of extra tablespoons of flour to the dumpling mix because for some reason my initial mix was too creamy. With the adjustments to my taste, this recipe came out wonderful. We enjoyed this flavorful chicken stew with light, fluffy dumplings and a side of green peas. Thank you for the recipe!

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Cajun Kitchen September 20, 2010

I used a crockpot and let it cook all day. If you do this don't put your cooked chicken in until the last 45 minutes or so. I used my grandmas feather dumpling recipe not this one. I pretty much followed the ingredients. I'd added more carrots and added a thickner. My husband loved it. His only complaint was it needed more dumplings!! Thanks for the receipe.

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Lonna #1 March 27, 2010
Stewed Chicken And Dumplings