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I have been making this oatmeal since I first saw the recipe on the the recipezaar website in 2007. I use 4 scant cups water (maybe more like 3/4 cup) plus the 1/2 cup, 2T butter, 1/2t salt, and it cooks up perfectly in 8 hours. In fact, after 8 hours if I have time, I usually just turn the crockpot off, stir, and let it sit. Then I put it into a 1.5 quart casserole dish so it can start to cool and set. Then I put the glass top on and pop it into the fridge. After it's totally set, I cut into portions (4-5) and put in containers. It freezes beautifully. Not a big fan of sweet oatmeal so either have plain, or my favorite with a big spoonful of peanut butter mixed in - oh my goodness, it is delicious!

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rosemerry January 04, 2012

Did this this morning, after reading all of the reviews last night. I was nervous - would my crockpot cook hotter? faster? Should I add the butter? When should I add the fruit? What fruit? Will it burn? What if I forget the non-stick spray? Oh, there are just so many things to go wrong. I shouldn't be such a doubter. It turned out great! I, of course, forgot the non-stick spray, but it turned out to be ok. Clean up wasn't bad. I cooked 1 cup oats, 4.5 cups water, just a dash of salt substitute, no butter, and 1/2 cup of dried cranberries. Then cooked it on low for exactly 7 hours. Texture was perfect. Creamy with a little bit of snap to some of the oatmeal. I added a little bit of honey to taste. Next time (and there will be a next time after I finish off this batch), I'll probably put the dried cranberries on top after I've served it in the bowl. It seemed like they didn't have much flavor after sitting in the hot oatmeal for 7 hours. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Russ in NJ January 20, 2008

This works very well. A little mushy, but easy. Thank you!

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amydietrichmark March 10, 2010

This makes a delicious oatmeal, the only thing I didn't like and what I'll change for next time is to add the raisin's at a later time. For whatever reason, my raisins plumped up but we're flavorless and the oatmeal had taken on the flavor of the raisins I didn't even taste the cinnamon because of the raisins. But never the less, I give this recipe a 5 star review, because it's so adaptable, easy and a delicious way to enjoy a good hearty breakfast.

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bmxmama December 28, 2009

I substituted one cup ofapple juice for one cup of water. I put cinamon and vanilla in aso. I have a slow cooker that switches to a warm cycle when it is done cooking. I set the slow cooker right before I go to bed and wake up to yummy oatmeal

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904713 December 20, 2009

Originally Reviewed March 2011. Edited May 2012 to add stars (how did I forget?) Excellent! Made with only a pinch of salt in a small crock. Stirred in cinnamon, maple syrup, craisins, and some powdered milk when cooking was finished. I usually make oatmeal with milk instead of water, but didn't want to have milk cooking overnight in a crock because I was afraid it would curdle or scorch. The powdered milk worked perfectly. My whole family loved it. The first recipe I've tried for steel cut oats, and it was delicious! I have successfully doubled the recipe in a larger crockpot. With my husband and I and three young children who love oatmeal, we rarely have more than 1 serving left over!

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SrtaMaestra May 24, 2012

Great idea, but way way too much liquid for our tastes. I have never made steel cut oats before so I didn't know how to make them. Love the method of cooking overnight. My oats were chewy and delicious, but i had to actually bail the extra liquid, which was swimming with butter, out of the crock to get to the oats. Will try this again, but with way less liquid. Great with a touch of brown sugar as long as you serve it up with a slotted spoon!

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Queen Roachie August 25, 2011

This was so easy to make and it was delicious! I used blueberries in mine and they were a wonderful addition! I had a ton leftover so I tried heating it up in the microwave the next morning and it was still tasty! I will definitely make again. Thanks!

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Niki Zuidema February 23, 2008

These oats are the perfect texture for me; I like mine liquidy, Finally, an easy way to do steel cut oats! THANK YOU!

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AlaskaStephanie June 18, 2010

I cooked the oats in the pressure cooker. They were ready in 3 minutes. Next time, I will put more butter. The taste reminded me of CORN GRITS.

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Ozlem June 04, 2010
Steel Cut Oatmeal for the Crock Pot