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This tasted even better than the yam cake at my local Yum Cha place! I made some alterations - with input from my friendly/bossy local Asian grocer (lol). Substituted sago flour for the wheat starch and add lap cheong (pork sausage) to the yam cake to add some texture. Also grated the yam and then boiled it. Lots of work but worth it.

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Sri S. December 03, 2009

excellent recipe for those homesick for yam/carrot cake! i couldn't find any wheat starch (or any tapioca flour, which i'd have reckoned would have been the replacement) or the la chang to go with it (what a pity! because it would been so rich and sweet), and at one point i was seriously worried, because it looked just a big pile of white goop. after i steamed it -- it was AMAZING! yam cake! i'm a complete cooking noob, and this was one of the first "major" dishes i attempted, but it still turned out brilliantly, so i'd say it isn't so hard to make! thanks so much for this recipe!

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arielfood June 17, 2008
Steamed Yam Cake