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The dough is delicious, its fluffy and just sweet enough to counteract the salty soy sauce mixture. I think next time I'll include more green onions since the powerful flavour of the soy sauce and the oyster sauce really overshadow the relative delicacy of the onions. I used 1.25 tablespoons of butter instead of lard, and it worked out well. The dough was difficult to work with until I got used to working with it, then things went along like a breeze. Thanks for the recipe!

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Cook Canuck February 07, 2010

these were outstanding, and so easy to make. used shortening instead of lard, and 1 scallion rather than 2. used a stand mixer with dough hook to mix the dough, and did end up needing to add an extra 2 tbls of water, but the mixer made it very easy. suggestion - make the buns as thin as you possibly can while still keeping them thick enough to hold the filling. they puff up a lot when steamed, and if they start out too thick, you will have way too much bun and not enough filling.

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nyc foody February 22, 2009

The dough was quite tough to work with. I had to add more water to get it to work and it was difficult to shape into a flat circle. The filling ,however, was delicious. I have tried the dough from another meat bun recipe, Bergy Dim Sum #6 Steamed sweet Bean Buns and it was much easier to shape. I used the meat filling from this one though.

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Kitsune January 28, 2008

I had problem with the dough. I had to add almost 3/4 cup of water and after that I could worked it. I mainly gave two stars because of aftertaste buns had. I think it was given lalrge amount (1tbs) of baking soda. The filling and sauce were good. I would probably make it again but I would use sweetened yeast dough for dinner rolls or something of this kind. Thanks for posting you recipe

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elsokolj April 07, 2007

These are surprisingly easy to make. I decided on the ground pork option and added a little garlic to the meat, but otherwise kept the filling exactly as written. I made the dough in the food processor and found I needed 2/3 cup water in order for it to come together. I used shortening in place of the lard. Twelve of these fit perfectly in my large bamboo steamer. The dough is slightly sweet with a savoury meat inside. These were so popular in my house that I am making another batch today. Thanks for the recipe.

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Cilantro in Canada February 16, 2006
Steamed Pork Buns