Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 12 mins

I found this interesting idea in the book Thai Food by David Thompson. The author suggests steaming for 10 minutes for a slightly soft yolk, but as I desired a firmer yolk steamed for 12 minutes and let them cool at room temperature for a while. David is right that they are more tender than a boiled egg, not a huge difference but these are just that subtly bit better than a boiled egg. Well worth a try for anything where you would otherwise use a boiled egg.


  1. Prepare a steamer over relatively high heat so you are getting plenty of steam.
  2. If eggs have been refrigerated leave them out a while until they reach room temperature.
  3. Steam eggs for 12 minutes.
  4. Allow to cool. I left at room temperature for 15 minutes or so and run under a little cold water just before cracking / peeling.
Most Helpful

I was nervous doing my eggs this way and could forsee myself having an eggy mess but not so. I used a metal steamer as I don't have a bamboo one. I did bring the eggs to room temp before steaming and then waited out 20 minutes prior to peeling and all the shells came away really easily.

katew February 02, 2013

I love this technique for hard cooked eggs. So easy and the eggs were much easier to peel. I cooked six eggs (three of them I bought two weeks ago and three were fresh). I put them in my bamboo steamer and steamed them for 14 minutes. To my delight, I found that the fresh eggs peeled as easily as the older eggs. Normally when I hard boil fresh eggs I end up peeling small chunks off of the egg. They don't look very appetizing and it is very frustrating peeling them. After steaming the eggs for 14 minutes, I placed the eggs under cold running water. This is the way I am doing all of my hard cooked eggs from now on. Thanks, Peter, for sharing this great recipe. Made for January 2013 Aus/NZ Swap.

Crafty Lady 13 January 19, 2013

Thanks to *Tinkerbell* for demoing this recipe. I now have a new favorite way to boil my eggs. Worked wonderfully. :)

Lori Mama July 27, 2012