Total Time
Prep 4 mins
Cook 2 mins

My husband makes these for me every sunday after church. I don't particularly like eggs, but I love these. They have such a different taste than your eggs you normally prepare. I love mine sprinkled with a little cheese... my favorite is sharp cheddar, or montery Jack. The time you steam them depends on how well done you like your eggs. If you don't get it right the first time, you'll know how much time to allow the second time.I like mine medium, with the whites well cooked and the yolks only partly runny. I would like to state that this recipe is not my own creation but was found online someplace.


  1. Place oil or butter in skillet, and heat. Add eggs, and cook til whites are done the way you wish.
  2. Add water, and cover with a lid. Do not peak or you will loose your steam. Cook over medium heat for 2 minutes, for medium done eggs.
  3. Remove to a plate, and add salt, pepper, and cheese if desired.
Most Helpful

I have steamed whole eggs for soft or hard "boiled" but this is the first in the frypan and they white cooked beautifully and I had a nice runny yolk to dip my toast into, thank you bigpts, made for Name that Ingredient tag game.

I'mPat August 16, 2013

wonderful! Guess I'm a member of the club... lol. I don't care much for eggs either, but I sure do now. Loved eggs steamed like this. I couldn't believe steaming could make such a major difference, but it did. I steamed them like the recipe said,on med-low heat, and got perfection.Thanks for bringing eggs back into my diet.

half yank March 20, 2011

I had to try this it sounded interesting. Did what the recipe asked and the eggs turned out great. I seem to make a mess when I try to flip eggs and this recipe takes care of that. Thanks for the recipe.

oldbugr March 16, 2011