Steak Wrapped Shrimpsicles W/Honey Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce

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Recipe by Chef GreanEyes

BF and I had just tried this recently. The night we had it, it was pretty hot. We waited to see if leftovers were better, they were!! Cut up leftovers and made sandwiches with Texas toast and cheese. Also made some hella good quesadillas! For those peeps who like a little bit of fire to their food. We really loved!!

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  1. Place beef in freezer for 15 minutes before slicing to make it easier, if beef is already sliced, ignore.
  2. For sauce whisk together brown sugar, bbq sauce, 3 oz of beer, coriander, and the minced jalapeño in bowl.
  3. In a separate container mix all ingredients for bonedust seasoning. Add a good sized pinch of bonedust to the sauce. Set sauce aside and keep bonedust in reach.
  4. Lightly season beef slices with bonedust and tightly wrap one to two pieces around each shrimp.
  5. Take remaining amount of beer and season lightly with bonedust, then inject into shrimp. (I found it easy to skewer shrimp right after injecting them.)
  6. Brush sicles with oil and dust with bonedust seasoning.
  7. Baste sicles with your previously made sauce. I thoroughly basted each side twice, cause I wanted more spice and flavor.
  8. Grill sicles for 3-5 min each side. Baste again after grilling if desired and enjoy!

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