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Fantastic. Omitted the Kidney and replaced it with more beef. I also added a tsp of fresh thyme to the pastry. The meat was very tender. On my second attempt I added a tablespoon of Hoi Sin Sauce because I had no worcestershire sauce and it was amazing

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Wild Thyme Flour August 28, 2008

Delicious! I live in Canada and couldn't find suet at the supermarket so I used Tenderflake Non-Hydrogenated Veg Lard and it worked fine. We also don't like kidney so I left it out (Steak and Not Kidney Pud) and it was yummy. I didn't have a proper pudding bowl but I used a round oven dish about 3 inches deep and that worked fine. Came out of the bowl like a dream, sauce was perfect, pastry was perfect. Definitely do again - but next time I'll add some chopped carrots and celery to the meat and onion; maybe a teaspoon of Bisto granules to make the sauce even more rich and flavourful; maybe a cuople of allspice berries and a bay leaf. Would work with lamb too.

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Spiderboymum June 30, 2008
Steak and Kidney Pudding