Starr's Guacamole

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5 mins
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There's a great new cafe in town with a hippy-chic owner/chef from California. My mom loves everything they serve and set out to duplicate the delicious guacamole. It has only a few tomato, cumin, taco dip mix... and it is SO good. Don't let simplicity scare you!!!

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  1. Lightly mash avocado leaving some chunky pieces.
  2. Add zest and juice of one lime and the finely minced garlic cloves.
  3. Mix well and let stand before serving to let flavor develop.
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Oh my word! This was just awesome. My sister in law couldn't get enough of it. I think if I had given her a spoon, she would have eaten it just like that. I did add some salt and pepper. :)

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We loved the flavor of the lime juice and zest. However, felt it needed a little more spice for our taste--so added some picante sauce and a little bit of garlic salt. This was great with cheese nachos for lunch today. Thanks for posting this simple recipe!