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Beautiful and delicious pancakes. Thanks for posting this. My husband and I got to escape for a weekend and had the use of our friends cabin. I made these for a romantic breakfast and it was stunning to look at and scrumptious tasting. I highly recommend this for any romantic occasion. I sprinkled with powdered sugar, topped with some whipped cream and a few sliced strawberries.

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Lillian Martinez March 12, 2003

We loved these! The powdered sugar makes them look so nice, and the chocolate flavor is wonderful. I easily made these gluten free by subbing in my gf flour blend in. I served with raspberry syrup - lovely combo! Thanks for sharing. Veg*n Swap 36

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Starrynews July 24, 2011

These were delish! The perfect amount of chocolate for us. I would have given it five stars, but from the pictures, I was expecting a thicker pancake. Mine was very thin. I doubled checked everything and made a second batch, and still thin. Next time I'll increase the dry amounts. Definitely needs whipped cream!!

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Crochet Mama November 30, 2010

Delicious! Sure made my little men feel special. Served with diced mango/ pineapple/ kiwi/ mandarin oranges/ banana and topped with Cool Whip. Beverage was Yummy Orange Slushies from this site. MMMMMMMMM, what a combo! Would love to have used fresh strawberries but didn't have them, but will put them on my list and make these AGAIN AND AGAIN! Thanks for posting!

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wildhorse July 23, 2003

I made exactly as recipe called, used skim milk and they turned out thick and fluffy. I like thinner pancakes, so I didn't add as much batter and took a spoon to flatten them. I also used cookie cutters and poured the batter inside for a fun-shaped pancake. Used melted peanut butter for a topping and whipped cream topping. Delicious!

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Lalamcphee August 11, 2013

They taste really yummy but since they're so thin it's kind of hard to flip them. So make sure to make them small.

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alliebutton3 November 19, 2011

My kids asked for these pancakes every morning, so I triple the recipe and freeze for breakfast and snacks during the week. I substitute whole wheat flour for AP flour, pureed dates for the sugar and yogurt for the butter. We spread with peanut butter, almond butter or Nutella and eat for snacks as well as breakfast. Awesome recipe!

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jimedee_12369937 October 02, 2011

These are pretty little pancakes. I made ours gluten free like Starrynews with just a bit of additional gluten free flour mix (brown rice flour, white rice flour, half the amount in tapioca starch plus a bit of guar gum) I also used carob powder in almost double the amount to be caffeine free. And since we have a lactose intolerance I used coconut milk and water for the milk, but I did use sweet butter (unsalted). I made a half batch but still used 1 large egg which worked well, brown sugar for the sugar, sea salt, plus the baking soda and powdered sugar for which I made my own in a spice mill/coffee grinder to be corn free. Served with sliced strawberries on top. I may make these again. Made for Veggie Swap 38 ~ September ~

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UmmBinat September 17, 2011

I made these for my kids and their friends after a slumber party so I tripled the recipe. I only made one change and that was to use a 1:1 ratio of plain yogurt in place of the butter/margarine. I don't know if that was the reason or not, but I had no issues with batter thickness like so many others did. It ended up being like cake batter and got a little thicker as it sat. They were a definate hit. I served them with strawberry jam and white chocolate chips sprinkled on top.

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Cilusmc July 21, 2011

The batter does come out thin and the pancakes spread a lot, but they certainly do taste good. I put Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips in mine while they were cooking and topped them with whipped cream before I served them. They were delicious!

When my mom visited last month they were a HUGE hit with her. She doesn't like thick, dry pancakes so the thinner batter was just fine by her. She scarfed them down and told me I "have to make them every time" she visits!

This recipe makes a good amount of pancakes, and since it uses only one egg, can't be halved. However, the batter stores well in an airtight container in the refrigerator and tasted just as delicious the next day. (If you're brave enough, you can pour the batter into in a zip-top baggie, then snip the bottom when you're ready to cook more for easy pouring.)

I recommend trying this recipe for yourself because it's worth the effort. (Seriously, who needs boxed or bagged pancake mix?!)

I'm going to experiment with different toppings like Nutella, almonds, walnuts, etc to see which combination I like best. Enjoy!

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iheartapples July 16, 2011
Stardust Chocolate Pancakes