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It is a good recipe. I did use the extra oil and add molasses but my first try didn't quite taste right... there was something missing in the flavor department.. I am a Barista at Starbucks so when we got our shipment of pumpkin bread in this year, I looked through the label and compared the ingredients to this recipe. Ginger is one of the spices that is in the Starbucks recipe but not in this one. So I tried this recipe again and added 2 tsp. of Ginger along with the extra oil and molasses and now (with the modifications) I feel like it is dead on!

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velasquezlb October 24, 2012

I followed the recipe (yes - make sure to use as much spice as noted) and added 3 T. molasses as another review recommended. I also used Splenda instead of white sugar and used eggbeaters instead of whole eggs. Yummy - even my grandson loved them! I made into muffins instead of bread and they make a great treat. I also added a bit of powdered sugar/milk glaze to the top. It is very moist and very flavorful. I'd say it's darn close to the Starbuck's pumpkin bread - which have given me the inspiration to look up the recipe and make it the same day...wonderful fall treat.

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Nettie62 October 17, 2011

WOAH BUDDY!! Was skeptical like the others on the amount of spice but did not cut back as per their advice. SOOOO glad I trusted them. It's the best pumpkin bread I've ever had. EVER. I've tried finding a recipe like this for years. I even got one from a co-worker that was amazing but when I tried it myself it didn't come out (I think she fudged the recipe, but that's another story). I even made this in my Cuisinart bread machine. I put it on the 2 pound light crust cake setting. Came out perfect! Just make sure the machine mixed well.

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alittlebitoff_5301135 September 21, 2011

I have to admit that I was skeptical, but this comes VERY close to starbucks pumpkin loaf. I am so happy! It even looks like starbucks. It's not quite as moist but I was very pleasantly surprised. Excellent recipe.

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karlajasper July 07, 2011

The first time I made this I felt like the flavor was dead on, but it was a little dry (and I watched it in the oven like a hawk, so it wasn't overbaked). The second time I made it, I kept everything as is written, but added an additional 1/4 cup of oil & 3 T of molasses to up the moistness. It was much more moist and dead on to what I remembered Starbucks Pumpkin Bread to taste like. I wouldn't have thought to add that much of the spices, but truly, the level of spices is dead on. I'll definitely be keeping this recipe!

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NutMegs June 19, 2011

Just made this last night. I followed the reviewers advice and add 1/4 cup of oil and 2 tsp of Ginger. I did not add the molasses because I hate molasses but I think I should have so it would have been extra moist. To fix the moisture problem I wrapped it up in plastic wrap and put it in a container right out of the oven. Had it with my coffee this morning!! Yum very close to starbucks!!! Oh, one more thing I add sunflower seeds to the top instead of pumpkin because Starbucks has sunflower seeds not pumpkin :)

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MeganWalls12 March 07, 2013

This was really good pumpkin bread. A bit heavy on the cloves, but that may have been my measuring. Didn't have wheat flour, so I used regular unbleached flour. Tried to add molasses, but was out, so I subbed 3T. of dark corn syrup instead. Was super moist, so much so, that it rose and then collapsed a bit after a few minutes out of the oven. Will have to try the bread machine idea next time!

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jimnyo October 07, 2012

Just made this recipe today and wow is it ever similar. I would say it 99.9% the same and I will for sure be making this again. I made this recipe but didn't put the cloves in and tastes great! Much cheaper than the Starbucks one at the same taste!

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Webbie12 September 20, 2012

I followed the recipe & listened to the reviews. The molasses was a terrible idea. It's all I can taste along with the cloves. I'm remaking this tomorrow without the added molasses and half the cloves.

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frenchrikku October 23, 2011

This recipe has way too much cloves and overall is much spicier than Starbucks'. The texture was moist and good. Next time I will reduce the cloves to 1/2 teaspoon."

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mary.lily.11 November 11, 2015
Starbucks Pumpkin Bread