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This was quite the twist on cranberry sauce. I normally don't care for anise, but DH loves it so I was really making this for him...that and I had to try the star anise I'd recently purchased for the very first time... I used fresh orange zest and followed the directions precisely with excellent results. Although it was more than two of us could eat at one meal, I served it over the course of several days and not a bit went to waste! I will certainly be making this for our family's Thanksgiving get-together this coming fall! I can't wait to see the reactions as it is very different from the usual cranberry sauces we are all accustomed to eating. Thank you for sharing a great recipe chia!

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Cindy Lynn February 28, 2004

Delicious! The star anise adds a lovely subtle taste and beautiful aroma.

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iris5555 January 01, 2009

I loved this recipe, and made it for thanksgiving and Christmas. Very easy and particularly tasty. Everyone loved it, and it is great leftover for sandwiches or on english muffins. Will definitely make again!

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recoverinpickyeater December 28, 2007

we had this for thanksgiving dinner. it was very good! i used turbinado for the sugar, and it was a good level of sweetness. i did have to cook it for twenty minutes before it was thick enough. i don't know if it was the change in sugar or the high altitude (i'm in denver), but it tasted wonderful and did thicken in the end.

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Abi Fae November 23, 2006
star anise cranberry sauce