Stained Glass Paint for Cookies

Total Time
12hrs 2mins
Prep 2 mins
Cook 12 hrs

I'm terrible with a pastry bag and royal icing to decorate cookies. Just have no talent for it. I found this recipe at and had to share it because the cookies turned out so well! Unlike other "stained glass" cookies that require hard candies that are, well, just too hard on a soft cookie, this makes a beautiful and edible solution. I did pipe the outlines in royal icing. Important: Use a paint brush and do a light coat first and let dry. After the first coat, you can daub on to fill up to your lines for a thicker coat. Cooking time is drying time.


  1. Mix corn syrup and color in individual bowls.
  2. Draw your stained glass lines with royal icing, or just go free-hand without lines for a different look.
  3. Paint a thin coat of cornsyrup mixture on cooled cookies, let dry completely.
  4. Add a second coat that can be thick as you desire.
  5. Let dry overnight.
Most Helpful

What a neat little trick to make "paint" for cookies. It's so simple and easy. I outlined my design with Betty Crocker Decorating Cookie Icing (sold in a tube) before painting. The cookies DO look like stained glass, very pretty. Thanks for sharing. Made for My 3 Chefs, 2009.

michelles3boys November 24, 2009