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This is a fun recipe. To do it with a group of kids, do not line the cookie sheet. Instead, have each child assemble their cookie on a piece of aluminum foil. Write each name on the corner of the foil with permanent marker. Now, it is easy to remember which cookie goes with which child. By the way, any sugar cookie recipe will work for the dough.

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Katie in Atlanta December 13, 2001

The kids had a blast with these. We made some with both regular & sugar free candies. Either way they turned out fun. We did discover that you don't want to smash the candies into dust, leave them in some chunks for a prettier look.

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Mysterygirl December 10, 2001

This was pretty time consuming, but the outcome was worth it. I didn't put the stick in them and am trying to figure out a way to put a little hole through them so I can hang them as ornaments. The dough was good, I tasted a little out of the bowl, nice honey flavor. I did have to add a bit of water becuase it just wouldn't come together. I used 2 bags of Jolly Ranchers to finish the whole batch of dough. Very pretty!

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Miss Erin C. December 20, 2001

I made these with my kids and it was loads of fun! They had a great time crushing the candies inside a ziplock with a little craft hammer and helping with the shapes. I had to do most of the dough work, but working with it a bit got it to shape nicely. We did alphabet cookies for a friend, filling any enclosures with the candies (we used Jolly Ranchers), and we also made Christmas shapes - trees, bells, balls & stars. We didn't insert the craft stick, but may try that next time. The kids loved them and enjoyed watching them melt and foam up through the oven door and then smooth down while cooling off into perfect "stained glass". Thanks! It was tons of fun with them and is something worth remembering for a kids' party or birthday treat!

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TnuSami January 14, 2007

I made these for my son's Christmas party in his 1st grade class. The mom's who were there all said they were beautiful, and the kids were excited to have a lollipop in the middle of a cookie. My only problem was the dough seemed to crumble more than I expected, so my 6 year old wasn't able to help with rolling the "snakes". We did find that if we broke the candy into large pieces (break a Jolly Rancher in two) the colors stayed separated quite nicely in the cookie.

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dsimkovic January 03, 2007
Stained Glass Cookie Pops