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I made somewhat of a traditional "Corned Beef dinner" last night. I used the left over veggies and also some of the beef (that I cubed) to use as "dippers" for this fondue (as a midnight snack for for hubby and I). It was quite tasty, although I used "medium cheddar" cheese (that I had handy) and I did not have the cauliflower or apples (but I used the baby carrots and cubed beef along with the brussels and potatoes)... Will definitely try again, if I could ever find an "Irish Cheddar" in my little town. Heck, I will try it again, even if I can't!. Thanks for a very nice recipe that I can use to get rid of my regular corned beef dinner leftovers.
Made for "PRMR - Spring 2013" tag game.

EDITED: I just realized... I could make a regular St. Patty's corned beef dinner, the day BEFORE the family and friends stop by to drink and eat. I can easily use this fondue platter as a "self serve buffet"! No more setting the table with dishes that need to be washed after the party, and no more looking for enough chairs at the dining table for everyone! Ha Ha Ha! (cocktail picks and self serve St. Patty's dinner it shall be).
I figure that I could do the "self serve fondue buffet" for Easter also. Using pre-cooked ham, asparagus spears, etc... and of course, this 'cheese fondue'. Thanks again for a great recipe.

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rosie316 March 11, 2013

What a delicious fondue! I followed the recipe exactly with one exception - I only had a half-pound block of Irish cheddar, so I added a half-pound of extra-old white cheddar to it to make the full pound. It turned out great, and even my picky daughter loved it!

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Gwen Stylez March 20, 2008
St. Patrick's Day Fondue