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Tried this for the first time tonight and I was impressed. Full of flavours and very filling. My one year old also loved this and ate it all. If you haven't tried this yet,what are you waiting for :)

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Zippy Zoe November 22, 2014

Yum yum yum! I cook a lot of vegetarian Indian food, but I had never tried a true chicken curry before this one. I made a few modifications because I just can't cook a recipe exactly as it is written. I used 1.5 pounds of thighs and leg meat, though I didn't change the rest of the proportions. I added extra onion, tomatos (from my garden!, a green pepper, and Thai chilis(from my garden!). I used dried ginger instead of fresh. I used "chile powder" (actual ground chiles, not the Texas stuff), because I think that is what was meant. I used 1 T of cumin seeds instead of ground cumin, frying them with the curry leave. I used 1 teaspoon of lemon juice instead of the rind and lemongrass, and I used ground cinnamon instead of a stick. Also, I used extra coconut milk so it would be more saucy. I thickened my sauce with cornstarch. And it is amazing. Mine came out extra spicy because of the 4 Thai chiles. I froze this in meal size batches with a little brown rice to take to work with my since my husband doesn't like spicy food (blasphemy!). I am not Sri Lankan, but this recipe seems pretty genuine to me, and it is definitely one I will make again. I may try it stir fried tofu instead of chicken next time.

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Hwin September 09, 2013

This was a very tasty curry, with just the right amount of spice. My RM, who does not ordinarily care for spicy food, gave this one a thumbs-up and proclaimed it "very good-- a keeper!" The chicken was moist and tender, just right! I did not toss the whole cardamom pods into the curry, just broke them open and sprinkled in the seeds. I thickened the sauce with a small amount of flour, and served this over rice. Made for India: More Than Just Curries tag game 2010.

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CookieWeasel May 12, 2010

Absolutely delicious curry! I used lemongrass instead of lemon rind, otherwise made as stated. I took the chicken out after the 40 minutes, added the coconut milk and reduced the gravy further. Yummy! Thanks for posting!

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AmandaInOz March 13, 2010

Wish I could give it 10 stars! This is a FABULOUS recipe. I was looking for a mild curry to make for our boarding house dinner since the boys are not into spicy food. But they did request for a curry! This was perfect. I used 4 kilos of chicken and adjusted the rest of the quantities around it. I had to make a few minor changes though: I used tins of chopped tomatoes instead of fresh, I added in lemon juice instead of vinegar and since I couldn't get hold of curry leaves, I added in chopped coriander in the end (I know it's not the same as using curry leaves). I am not exaggerating when I say the entire pot was empty within 30 mins. I didn't get to eat any but I did taste it for seasoning before sending it upstairs to the dining hall and I was so looking forward to having it!!! I am happy to say I got thumbs up from ALL the boys. They said it had a slight tingle but the amount of spiciness was spot on. Thank you, JoyfulCook, for sharing this wonderful recipe, I will definitely be making it again, and hopefully I will get to eat it too!

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Aaliyah's&Aaron'sMum May 01, 2009

I have had this recipe in my cookbook since I first joined Zaar a couple years ago- I have finally gotten around to cooking it. DH loved this dish, I mean loved it. He is South Indian, and I think a lot of the flavors appealed to him. He was slurping the gravy from the pot (but you didn't hear it from me!) I didn't love it, but I did like it. Since I made it, I feel that I can give a fair review. I do feel that the spices were a bit off- I added extra cumin and extra chili powder. I REALLY enjoyed the addition of the lemon rind- although I didn't know from the directions when to add it, so I just added in the 'whole spice' section. I'd use full fat coco milk in this for sure. It just pushes the entire flavor to something very special. Thanks!

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MrsMM March 17, 2009

I had 4 bone in thighs for the two of us, but made all the sauce (we do like lots to go over rice). This was really yummy Joy and very quick and easy to make. I used 1 teaspoon of Indian black salt, ground cardamom and cinnamon and wish I had sprinkled some chopped corainder over it to finish.

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JustJanS September 20, 2008

I made this last night and received great praise!! I added a lemongrass stick and the chilli sambal and a little more garlic and ginger than the recipe states. I transferred everything into my tajine and cooked it in the oven, to free up space on my cooktop. Once out of the oven I swirled through the coconut cream and served it with a fresh mango chutney and coconut sambal. Do try it!!

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kodi_inoz February 08, 2008
Sri Lanka Chicken Curry