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very nice flavor. very versatile .... I halved the recipe using a crooked squash unpeeled. once boiled I removed seeds and put thru food processor. used garlic powder and onion powder in place of listed ingredients. once all mixed and reheated i used hand blender to smooth soup. thank you

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jellyko August 18, 2009

Mmmmmm! I love summer squash, but I think even people who don't would love this soup. I sauteed my onions first with a little garlic. I also used fat freee half and half. It's creamy and smooth yet chunky. Plus it's cheesey with just the right thickness. It's a good soup for kids because it has a delicate sort of sweet flavor from the yellow squash, and it's cheesey. Just call it cheese soup and it'll get eaten. ;) Thanx for sharing!

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*Parsley* October 23, 2008

I like this soup, but would like to make a few adjustments to like it better. Since velveeta is quite salty, I think garlic powder or fresh garlic instead of garlic salt would work better for me, allowing everyone to add salt at the table if they wish. I forgot to buy the half and half, but saw that one reviewer found the soup quite rich, so I just used skim milk, and it worked fine. I didn't want the bite of fresh raw onion, so I just used some minced dried onion. I think the fresh onion would need to be sauteed before putting in the finished soup. After tasting this, I did add some freshly ground black pepper and a dash of nutmeg. Instead of slicing my zucchini, I think I'll chop into small cubes next time to avoid long thin strings of green skin in the finished soup. Thanks for a new way to serve zucchini. I'm going to try this on my mom, who uses zucchini to make mock pineapple and baked goods, but won't eat it steamed, sauteed, or in any way that it looks & tastes like a vegetable. She likes cream of broccoli, so I'm hoping she'll like it! This would be great with a nice dark pumpernickel bread with butter.

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SrtaMaestra September 05, 2008

This was very good soup. Nice and cheesy. Thanks for posting.

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gwynn August 17, 2008

This is one of the best soups I've ever eaten! 10 stars, at least. I did saute the onion and a minced small clove of garlic in a tablespoon of butter prior to adding them to the soup. And I couldn't find the block of velveeta so used a pack and a half of sandwich slices. :-) It was creamy and delicious and not at all too cheesy. I'll make this often!

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BarbryT August 04, 2008

I was going to give this only 4 stars when I tasted it because it was so so rich I didn't think I could eat the whole bowl, but then I tried it with bread...wow! and THEN DH had some--and did not stop raving about my wonderful soup. So...5 Stars!!

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mosma April 29, 2008

Oh My, Oh MY!!! OUtstanding soup!!! I did not have half and half so I used half skim and half heavy cream I also omited the onion. This was a nice creamy soup that made a filling dinner. I think the velveeta is critical to the success of this dish. Thank you for this keeper Sydney Mike!

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cookiedog February 27, 2007

This one got a lot of debate.. not having Velveeta here in the Netherlands, I substituted Smeerkaas,( used a big one) which is a tub of spreadable cheese (usually used here for on crackers or for kid sandwiches). Some how it was cheesy, but not really.. and the squash wasn't one of the best flavoured ones I have ever tasted, so I can't define if we had a tasteless squash or if my substitution went wrong. No half and half here either so I used a half quantity of cream and half milk in it's place... which works fine in other recipes so I don't think the problem was there at all. This tasted "ok" and is definiately edible, but somehow it didn't taste anything near what I thought it would. I've decided not to give this a star rating, just to outline what happened becuase when I choose the recipe it looked similar in style to a bean recipe I have made reviewed previously and very much enjoyed. One day when I have used half of a squash (or I might even try pumpkin) that I KNOW tasted great I will try this agin with the rest so that I can hopefully solve the mystry of why this didn't work for us. Thanks!

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kiwidutch February 19, 2007
Squash Soup