squash relish

Total Time
10 mins
30 mins

family favorite

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  1. mix squash and onion together sprinkle with the salt and let set overnight.
  2. drain, then mix all ingredients together and boil for thirty minutes.
  3. place in jars and seal.
  4. this recipe does not have to be hot water canned. I have kept it for over 2 years with no problems.
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This is a really great recipe! Instead of the jar of pimento, I substituted red and orange bell pepper, and it worked great! I also looked around in my garden to see what else was fresh, and made a separate batch using 1 cup of fresh Thai basil leaves (measured then finely chopped) along with 1/4 cup of grated fresh ginger. This is an amazingly flexible and tasty recipe!

This recipe made exactly as directed is a GREAT way to use all your squash. I use yellow & zucchini (nice color blend with the pimento ) It is better than any relish I've ever bought. One use,a big spoon full in macaroni or potato salad...hamburgers & hotdogs are a given ! I used smaller, hand cut squash, but ran the onion through a processor , and i did hot water bath for 20 minutes to be on the safe side. I give this recipe ALL of 5 stars...Everybody loves it !

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This recipe is a great way to use all of that extra squash. I made three batches of it because my relatives liked it so well that they all wanted a jar of it. They like to eat it with pinto beans. I added some bell pepper to the recipe because I had some bell pepper from my garden. This recipe also look pretty in the jar.