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this could very well be the most eye appealing salad i have ever made! it is so colorful! green, purple, orange, red - excellent! and an easy recipe to put together especially in hot weather. i didn't have a shredder, so i did it the old fashioned way - with a big ol' knife. i was unsure how big or small the broccoli florets should be, but since everything else was shredded or diced, i broke up the broccoli so the "head" of the broccoli pieces were about the size of a nickel. i was intimidated by the horseradish because it's always given me the "my tongue is burning" feeling, so i only added 1 teaspoon instead of 2. i think it was the right choice for me, but next time i might even use 1/2t. since i had already added a full teaspoon, i added additional ranch dressing which seemed better anyway because it coated the veggies better. all in all i had: 1 t. horseradish appx 3/4 C. ranch dressing and it equalled the perfect combination for me and my scared tongue! yumm-eeeee! now all i need to do is look for some more recipes with red cabbage so i can use what's leftover!

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Brave Noodle (njg) July 07, 2003
Spunky Vegetable Salad