Total Time
96hrs 5mins
Prep 5 mins
Cook 96 hrs

Fresh crunchy sprouts make a wonderful addition to any salad or sandwich and they are fun and easy to grow. Great project for kids too! I recently started growing my own onboard our boat Summer Wind. It takes very little space or effort! You can buy sprouting kits (which includes a lid with screens), but I didn't have one on board so used a large wide-mouth canning jar and cheese cloth! I nylon stocking can also be used to cover the jar. Do not use a regular sized canning lid because it will be difficult to remove the sprouts from the jar. Alfalfa sprouts, mung beans and sunflower sprouts are the most popular. I've even used lentil beans and they were great! You can buy seeds at a health food store. Never use seeds from a garden shop or catalog because they are treated with a fungicide.


  1. Pick over seeds/beans and throw away any debris and broken seeds/beans.
  2. Place seeds/beans in clean jar and completely cover with water.
  3. Soak for 6 to 8 hours.
  4. Drain the soaking water off and use it as vitamin-laden plant food (or discard).
  5. Add water again, shake and swish the jar, and pour off all the water.
  6. Prop the jar in the sink for a few minutes to allow all the water to drain out.
  7. When drained, shake the jar to distribute the seeds evenly along one side of the jar and set the jar on its side on the counter. (Because of the heat down here, I prop up the bottom of the jar to allow the water to drain out).
  8. Do not grow them in direct sunlight.
  9. Every 6 to 8 hours, repeat the rinsing and draining process. (IMPORTANT).
  10. Problems to watch for include mold from insufficiently drained seeds, and seeds that dry out.
  11. You should have sprouts ready to use 4 to 6 days.
  12. Rinse the sprouts to remove any hulls.
  13. Drain well and place in ziplock bag with a folded paper towel to help control the humidy.
Most Helpful

I grew my own sp-sp-sp-sp-sprouts!!!

gailanng October 25, 2009

I used a mix of spicy sprouts(radish, broccoli, alfalfa) and they are yummy! It took about 4 days for these. I love sprouts and this method works great! Thanks! Made for Newest Zaar tag.

Sharon123 May 06, 2009