Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This Juice is a savory taste more like a cold carrot, cucumber, celery soup with parsley and garlic. Good for the blood! Makes a quick lunch or a snack.


  1. Wash all ingredients and put through the hopper alternating the ingredients.
  2. To your health!
  3. Feel your body become alive!
Most Helpful

4 5

Wow! This looks really refreshing and tasty. Thanks for sharing this cleansing recipe. However, maybe the amount of garlic could be cut down in half? It was a bit too strong when I made it with one clove.

4 5

Mine was a little bitter, but maybe that was just the quality of my celery? I think I would prefer it without the garlic. Pretty good though. Reviewed for the Veg*n Recipe Swap.

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Can't say that I really, really enjoyed the taste of this drink (not bad, just not that enjoyable!), but I do know one thing for sure ~ IT IS GOOD FOR YOUR BODY, & that's a great plus! Certainly not something I'd make every other day or so, but I will keep the recipe around & make it now & then ~ After all, I do believe it "does a body good" so why not treat your body! [Tagged, made & reviewed for one of my raw food partners in the Vegetarian/Vegan Recipe Swap 3]