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Made this soup last night for dinner using a lb. or so of leftover ham from Christmas. It was very good. I cut back on the amount of liquid and didn't process the soup with a blender because I like a thick soup. Will cut back on the onions next time. The crushed red pepper (just a little!) gives it a little zip that I like. DH and I eat simple soup and bread suppers a lot in the winter and this one hit the spot!

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Jo Anne January 16, 2004

The only change to this recipe was I added chopped leeks, mainly because they were there and I had to use them up. My husband said it was the best pea soup he ever had.

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celvikas tombro February 12, 2004

this is my first time making split pea soup and I thought it came out great! Even my 4yr old seemed to like it! The only change I made was I did not add the milk & I did not puree.. I also put red pepper in sparingly because of the kids. I used leftover spiral ham from Christmas.

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CareyLee January 03, 2013

I used a ham bone and leftover chopped ham meat. I also added a couple of potatoes. I used the milk and other ingredients the recipe called for. This is the first time making split pea soup and really found this to be an easy recipe that produced an absolutely flavorful soup which I will definitely make again. Excellent recipe and instructions. Thank you for posting.

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JOY1998 April 21, 2010

Wonderful version of a old favorite...thanks for the idea of ham steak. I did include diced celery and carrots with the onions (just cleaning out the fridge) and it was lovely. Delicious and easy!

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Needles May 21, 2009

LOVED THIS SOUP!! OMG!!! Previously, I only bought cans of split pea soup. I wanted to get away from the canned, congealed stuff and thought I would try this. I added some finely chopped celery to this to use it up (about a 1/4 cup), very little red pepper flakes (I don't like things too hot) and no hot sauce. Also, when I looked in the pantry, I only had three cans of chicken broth, so I used a vegetable bouillon cube and 2 1/2 cups of water to make up the 8 cups. I didn't decrease the broth, because I like it to be soup and figured it would thicken by the next day (if it got that far, which it didn't). I used evaporated milk and only 1/3 cup since I liked the color of it before the milk went in. I gave it the whole hour and it was definitely done. I did take several cups and puree it with the hand held blender, then add it back into the rest of the soup. That made it look just like the canned stuff, but the flavor was out of this world! I literally ate it for breakfast and gave some to a elderly neighbor who did the same thing. Very good recipe, very flexible, great taste and simple to make in the morning while getting the kids ready for school. Who could ask for anything more? Dinner done by 9:10 am!

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Judielise April 03, 2007

I used to make SPlit peas all the time. I am the only one that eats it here so I don't make it anymore. You can add curry to the mix for extra kick and I like a few potatoes as well. Also for you vegetarians, use some soy based bacon bits. They will soften and taste just like ham without the meat.

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Tugar357 June 18, 2005

This recipe is great! I made a few simple modifications though...I added more bay leaves and after cooking for 40 minutes, I tasted it and the peas were already fairly tender, but there was way more liquid than what the peas could absorb. I added another pound of split peas and continued cooking for another forty minutes. It ended up that the first batch of peas made a base and the second added some texture. After it sat in the fridge over night, it thickened up a lot, but I like it thick so I didn't use the milk. The best split pea soup I think I ever had!

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Patrick Tufts August 01, 2004

This is the best soup yet! I threw my other split pea recipe's away. Thanks

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Mudpie January 03, 2014
Split Pea Soup & Ham