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Wow, this recipe is amazing! I've been trying to find a good banana recipe for a while (I keep ending up with the remains of the kids' fruit trolley at school, lol), and this is definitely the best. I like the banana layer so much that the second time I made it, I didn't even use the cocoa powder! The only change I made was to use low-fat vanilla yogurt instead of margarine (because I didn't have any) and it still turned out really nice and moist. Thanks for a great recipe!

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Rainbow*Bubbles January 03, 2009

These are really yummy! I was looking for a Splenda recipe, and I found a real keeper. I was concerned with the texture of the batter, but the end result.. squashed that. I changed a few things based on the reviews I read. I used 3/4 cup of Splenda, added chocolate chips in the middle, and topped it with unsweetened coconut. I baked this in a 6X10 pyrex dish (see photo) for 30 -35 mins. These are GOOD, and not overly sweet. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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jaldredey March 19, 2010

Interesting bars. I made the mistake of using a 13x9 pan as the instructions indicated -- should have read the reviews first! My bad! These would definitely fit better in an 8x8 pan. I used ripe bananas yet next time I will use super-ripe ones! Thanks, Shy617. Made for Best of 2009 Cookbook tag game.

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mersaydees February 20, 2010

Oh, these are so good! More like cake than banana bread. I took other reviewers' advice and added 1/4 cup chocolate chips and used an 8x8 pan (which was still spread very thin, so I would not at all recommend a 13x9). I baked them for 35 minutes, and the top layer was much browner than Marra's. I also subbed half the Smart Balance as applesauce and used sugar, but reduced it by 25%. I think the chocolate chips really add something special to this. I thought about another's suggestion of nuts, but am glad I didn't add them. I sprinked some toasted almonds on one piece, and it kind of overpowered the delicate flavor. These are super, especially the chocolate and banana flavor together, and are definitely recommended!

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Maito February 13, 2010

These are fabulous!!! The flavor was so good i will likely eat the whole pan tonight *blush*. To get the most banana flavor use really ripe ones, another reviewer had a problem with it and i found using ones i would normally throw worked perfectly. I made them thicker by using a smaller pan, since i was used to splenda's volume issue. Made for Pick a Chef 2009!

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MarraMamba September 09, 2009

Very tasty, but not super banana-flavored. I used maple syrup in place of splenda, and to make it gluten free I used a little over 1 c rice flour, and a little over 1/2 c potato starch in place of 1.5 c all purpose flour. It turned out well, though I had to bake it an extra 15 min for it to fully cook.

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francoroni May 27, 2009

I made half a batch, and baked it in an 8X8 in my toaster oven @ 350 - for nearly 20 min - until an inserted fork came out clean. This makes very thing bars like the picture shows, I was afraid there wasn't going to be enough batter - but there was. I added some chopped pecans on top just because I had some. I served these in a bowl with a small scoop of french vanilla ice cream on top for my husband and my parents - who are all diabetic and we all really liked it. The somewhat strong cocoa taste, the salty nuts, and creamy icecream was a great combo. Try it!

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xraypinky May 24, 2009

Absolutely wonderful! Very moist and easy to put together. This is a nice change to the usual banana bread. Next time I shall add in some chocolate chips to the base, but that won't make it low fat!!! Thank you, Shy617, for sharing this wonderful recipe, definitely will be making it again! Made for PAC Spring '08.

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Aaliyah's&Aaron'sMum April 22, 2008
Splenda Cocoa Bottom Banana Bars