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Well what can I say. this is delicious and so creamy ohh and not to mention quick and easy also! We loved it here, I only made one change...umm maybe 2. We are not big mushy eaters here, so I only used 2 (so no-one would notice.... and they didn't) but I also had some semi-roasted cherry tomatoes so I added them like a garnish at the end. I also used a fat free light and creamy evaporated milk, and you would have never known. As for the leftovers........ DS had most of the leftovers packed for lunch for the next day as soon as dinner was over...he wanted to take it to work, the little bit he left, I also took to work and ate cold, with added parmesan on top......... just as delicious! Actualy this would make a great salad for summer also! Thanks Karen this recipe is another recipe to make again and again here for this family!

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Tisme October 30, 2009

This is so easy and so delicious!!! It got mixed reactions from my family but I gave it 5 stars as my hubby, son, sister and I thought it was very good.. It was my sisters daughter, mum and brother that said it was just OK and one of them is a very picky eater anyway, so we went with the majority and we all loved it. I have never used evaporated milk in a pasta dish before and I really loved the flavour of it. I didn't see chili in the list of ingredients, even though it states to add one in step 3, I did add chili and I added some of the chili seeds as well to give it a kick, which was delicious. I also had some leftover roast chicken, that I threw in with the ham. It is a great all in one meal and one that you could add just about anything to. Cheers Karen for another great recipe..

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The Flying Chef July 13, 2009

A very tasty pasta dish. I was afraid the whole bunch of spinach would be too much, so I put it only half of the bunch. Once it cooked down, I realized that it was not enough after all. So next time I make this, I will add the entire bunch of spinach. But all in all, a wonderful combination of flavors that complement one another. And I don't know if I missed something, but step #3 states to add the chilli (to the sauted mixture), yet I don't see chilli included in the list of ingredients. So I decided to just leave it out. And it tasted just wonderful, even without the chilli.

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NorthwestGal September 27, 2008

I set out this afternoon to make this wonderful, delicious, easy pasta treat to devour for our dinner and to accompany a grilled ham, and a nice tossed salad. I had many of the fresh vegetables suggested and except I didn't have the spiral shaped pasta, so I used ziti instead. I used the fat/free evaporated milk, (that was what is the cupboard and used cornstarch with water to make the thickener. Just so nice and is really, really easy to put together negating the extra step of putting this into the oven to heat. Add, stir, warm and you have your supreme pasta. Thanks, Karen! A real winner! Made for *SSC Pet Parade* July 2008.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm July 21, 2008
Spiral Supreme - Pasta Excellence