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Very good! I did change up the cooking method! I toasted my sesame seeds in a hot skillet, then removed them to a small bowl. Into that same skillet I rough-tore my spinach, added the soy sauce/sugar mixture, upped the heat and plopped on a lid. After a couple of minutes, I removed the lid and sauted the spinach for another 2-3 minutes, then added the toasted sesame seeds. Tagged for Rookie Recipes, January 2014.

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Kerfuffle-Upon-Wincle January 31, 2014

For spinach lovers, a fabulously low fat recipe that’s flavoursome and a little different. I just loved the blend of the toasted sesame seeds and the soy sauce, a combination I just would not have thought to put with spinach. I used brown sugar and baby spinach leaves, so I left the stems on, and just wilted the baby spinach leaves for less than a minute in boiling water. I’m so glad to have found this recipe, albeit via an illegal tag in the NEWEST ZAAR TAG! I buy baby spinach leaves every week, and this recipe has given me a new way to use them when they’ve just lost that initial crispness. I followed Hey Jude’s advice and ground the sesame seeds in my mini processor. Thanks for sharing this recipe, ellie_!

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bluemoon downunder December 03, 2005

My husband and I really enjoyed this with our dinner last night. I served it with grilled steak and baked potatoes. I'm definitely doing this one again, though next time I'm going to whir the sesame seeds in my food processor, rather than try to get them ground up in the mortar and pestle. Thanks for posting this Ellie, we loved it :)

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Hey Jude October 06, 2005
Spinach With Sesame Seed