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Most of the stars are for creativity--it's a lovely idea of a salad. I had some problems with the dressing however. I understand it was for the contest but for me the brandy was entirely unnecessary. Plus, after reduction, I had about 1/4 cup of liquid. Adding a half cup of vinegar and 1 and a half cups of oil seemed way too much, especially with oil packed tomatoes. I used a smaller amount of the vinegar and a much smaller amount of the oil and had a dressing that was a bit too sweet for my taste. I think a bit of reconfiguration of the dressing liquids, and perhaps a bit of the grated rind from the orange to cut the sweetness wwould make for a quite good dressing. Also I think fresh rasberries would add the tart sweetness that's missing. As for the salad , quite nice--I added some roasted sweet peppers and some currants.

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Chef Kate March 04, 2008
Spinach Salad With Blood Orange/Raspberry Vinaigr