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This is one of our favourites and shows up regularly in "the rotation". We made it a bit healthier by using brown rice. Sometimes we like to substitute broccoli for the spinach. Sometimes we like to use caramelized shallots, asparagus and brie for a completely different taste. We also cook them in large muffin cups rather than pie plates -- makes leftovers more portable.

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Miheehee February 25, 2012

This was surprisingly really good! I wasn't expecting to like it very much while I was making it; I thought it was going to turn out blah, but I was wrong! I really liked the crusty parmesan topping. I did use fresh spinach, and added garlic. Next time I will also add mushrooms. It was yummy served along with a sun dried tomato & basil chicken sausage. Thank you for posting!!!

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Japanese Delight March 03, 2009

This was a wonderful side dish along with some grilled fish. I just used 2 whole eggs and I also used brown rice - don't even have white rice in my house anymore. It came out great! Very tasty......a good comfort food. Thanks for posting!

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Sky Hostess May 20, 2007

This was tasty and filling. I used 2 whole eggs, with no problems. I liked the puff pastry idea, and used one of those refrigerated pie crusts I had on hand. I think it made a big difference, and gave it some nice texture. It even tastes great the next day! Thanks for the great recipe...nice way to get veggies and use leftover rice....and who can complain about a one disg meal!

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Laurie Garza-Carl October 20, 2008

We loved this, I had extra feta, well I marinated it, and wanted to use this. The greenhouse in mid January is boasting a new crop of spinach, so I put this all together and made this" more" then delicious veggie pie. There are no changes made to this recipe, except as mentioned, I used fresh spinach. This is totally wonderful, in every way. The aroma that makes it's way through the farm house is so enticing, everyone had a difficult time waiting. Thank you so much, Karen this was indeed a pleasure!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm January 18, 2008

My DH was not thrilled when I told him we were having spinach pie for dinner...but after sampling this dish he couldn't stop talking about how much he enjoyed it! I used two whole eggs, about 1/4 tsp dried mint, and added 2/3 of a sheet of puff pastry to the top after baking initially for 15 minutes. 15 additional minutes was perfect for the pastry to brown and puff. It was a nice additional dimension of texture. Between three adults we almost completely polished off the entire pan!

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aserkes December 13, 2007

Delicious. Easy to prepare. The baking time was spot-on. I added some extra salt because of the rice which usually needs more in recipes. I used 3 whole eggs; I didn't want to throw the yolks away. A keeper rice recipe. Thanks Karen! Edited on May 16. This is a better recipe than I first thought. When filling my 9 inch pie plate to bake it, I had some left-over that I put in a small tart pan and baked them both at the same time. After it cooled, I froze the small one. I thawed it today and warmed it slightly in the microwave and it tasted just as good as the day I made it. This is a 5-star recipe.

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Kathy228 May 16, 2007

Really nice - I can definitely see myself making this again. I put in a bit more feta than called for because my family loves it. I used two whole eggs instead of using egg whites and it seemed just right. My husband especially liked the way the edges got crispy. Thanks for sharing!

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pattikay in L.A. May 15, 2007

Yum! This was such a satisfying vegetarian dish! I used brown rice and it was delicious. Thank you!

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SweetySJD February 17, 2007

These are very tasty. I'm lucky enough to have a pie maker so doubled the recipe and cooked them in my pie maker using bought short crust pastry for the base and puff pastry for the top. I now have 28 mini pies for my freezer. I felt it needed slightly more salt but then I always find this with recipes that use spinach. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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Jewelies February 15, 2007
Spinach, Rice & Feta Pie