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I made some alterations to these pinwheels (due to ingredients on hand), and hadn't planned on rating them...but, my guests loved them. I couldn't deny Keen5 the credit after all of the great reviews that I received when serving these appetizers. I didn't have frozen spinach, but had fresh baby spinach leaves. Rather than chop and mix the fresh spinach into the cream cheese mixture, I made my modification as follows: spread cream cheese mixture on flour tortillas; layer baby spinach leaves; layer a slice of shaved smoked turkey; rollup tightly; slice; eat! These were soooo good. They were the first appetizer tray to be emptied.

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Ms B. December 20, 2003

Let me start off by saying, I was torn between giving 3 and 4 stars - the reason I gave 3 instead of 4: while these were OKAY, they weren't awesome. I LOVE spinach. And ranch. And bacon. So I had high expectations. But the true deciding factor was when I asked what my 16 y/o sister what she thought, and she said "They're okay, but I like.." and preceded to list 5 other recipes she liked better.

I made these exactly as stated except I ended up using 2 oz more spinach than is called for because I saw no reason to throw it away and had no other use for it, but my local supermarket had packages 1oz larger a piece (?). Anyway, the filling was easy to spread, and for anyone who has ever made pinwheels, here is the important part, easy to keep in place while rolling. I had no problem with the filling being too runny, but then again I put the thawed spinach in a towel and squeezed until no more liquid would escape! There is no reason to use toothpicks to hold them together, if refrigerated in saran wrap as instructed, they hold together well. So while the flavor isn't amazing, it's not bad, and as I stated, fairly easy to put together. I might make these again, but the recipe won't be put into my favorite's file!

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BekahBlaine October 25, 2010

Nice recipe. Skipped the bacon and added chopped water chestnuts.
Thanks for posting.

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aronsinvest October 03, 2010

I've made these for 15 years, but NOT this version. This one is over the top with mayo and cream cheese - you DON'T need that much for these to still taste great! And you save A LOT on FAT! All the ingredients are the same except change the amounts for the following ingredients: 1 tablespoon mayonnaise, 1/2 of an 8 ounce package of cream cheese, 6 green onions, and 10 large (10 inch) flour tortillas. Spread the mixture thin on the tortilla, remember you will be rolling them, thus there will be plenty of flavor. These are always a hit, even with folks who think they don't like spinach. Make sure to make them the night before and chill in the fridge to make cutting them easier.

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sandybeach85 May 18, 2012

I'm not sure what happened for me. I used cream cheese and left out the mayo and used about 1/3 the amount of sour cream called for. I added no other wet ingredients and I pressed as much moisture as I could out of the spinach through a fine strainer, but the result was still pretty soggy and unappealing. It was not a hit at my DH's work, which is what we made them for.

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pavut June 11, 2010

I made these for my baby shower last year and everybody absoulutly loved these and had to give the recipe out to a few people i think they were a little soggy from frezzing them and think leaving them overnight would be to long also because the tortilla will go mushy. I used real bacon & had to use ranch dressing because we do not sell ranch dip mix in australia but a good recipe again! TY keen5

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Aleigha Nicole April 26, 2010

I can't believe I haven't rated these yummy things yet! I've been making them for at least 3 years for our annual business open house and it is the one thing that the staff always requests I make again!! My "tweaks" are to reduce the ranch dip to 1/2 envelope and to substitute 1/2 lb of cooked, crumbled bacon in place of the bacon bits. I also use flavored wraps (sun dried tomato being my fave). I have experimented with variations. . . my favorite variation substitutes chopped roasted red peppers for the bacon and adds a thinly shaved ham layer. Both are yummy but the bacon one is the best, IMHO. Thanks so much for this awesome recipe!!!!!!!

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StephanieZ December 03, 2009

Searched Recipezaar for appetizers for my weekend get together and these pinwheels were great. I used cheese tortillas as well as spinach tortillas. To some I added grated cheese to others I added paper thin smoked turkey slices.(use your favorite brand) This recipe is a keeper.

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Gerry March 22, 2004

WONDERFUL! I haven't tried it yet on tortillas, but as a sandwich spread as is. Next will try it with the addition of thin sliced meat in the saidwich. This is a wonderful way to get kids to eat spinach - worked on my Grandson. Keen5, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Mary in OR October 13, 2003

AMAZING!!! I have never eaten so much Spinach. lol This was goooood, no one could even wait for me to put them in the fridge to cool. These were eaten as soon as I made them. I did not add sour cream but I did add 1 can of spinach (drained) and also added LOTS of fresh uncooked spinach. DH wanted this as a wrap instead of cut up into pinwheels. I'm making this for his lunch tomorrow with slices of ham. Thank you very much for the post, simple and delicious! Next time I will add avocado. Mmmmmm

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Cat-602 June 20, 2010
Spinach Pinwheel Appetizers