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This was so delicious, does take a while to make but is well worth the time, it was wonderful...I put zuchinni,and mushrooms in it too,just cut down the amount of spinach when adding other veggies, sauteed them first... I also added some chicken base to the sauce and a little, oregano,thyme,nutmeg and vermouth...also added a little oregano,thyme, nutmeg and vermouth to the veggies too aafter i sauateed them...I used frozen spinach instead of fresh...

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bassbum2 January 28, 2008

This recipe is straightforward to make, though it has quite a few steps, and it tastes delicious. It took me about 1.5 hours to prepare (not counting cooking time), but that's because I made several trips to the garden to pick the spinach, onions, and parsley and I grated my own cheeses. Preparing the spinach and cheeses the day before would have made it go much faster. The recipe is slightly too large for a 9x13 pyrex pan. I left some of the sauce out to make it fit. I did not cook the noodles and they turned out fine. Next time I plan on scaling back the sauce, ricotta mixture and spinach mixtures so it will fit in my pan. I served it with beets, garlic bread, and a carrot/daikon radish salad which made for a very colorful meal.

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Carol Kankelborg August 03, 2004

Yummy. I made this with chopped broccoli. This was so creamy and cheesy. I used about 1 cup of Parmesan and 3 cups of mozzarella. It was delicious. I know I'm going to like it made with the spinach, too. I only partially cooked the noodles.. just so they were pliable. So much easier than cooking the noodles until done. Thanks for the tip. I'm not sure how this is reheated... but if needed I might serve it with a type of roseĀ“ sauce? A little spaghetti sauce lightened with some cream? This is not a recipe for Weight Watchers but it is surely a satisfying dish.

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luvmybge March 10, 2004
Spinach Lasagna Bechamel