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Really easy, really yummy, really fattening! Who cares, this is a "so-worth-it" diet buster. I made this as part of the November 2003 Make a Chef weekend, and consider this one of my best choices!

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Mirj December 15, 2003

Golly this was good - the first meal in ages that my kids have not complained and sooo easy for me too as I had all the ingredients on hand. It was beautiful and so tasty. I have half left over from my family of 5 - it's rich - which I'll freeze and bake again some other day, as this looks like it will reheat well (not in the micro though!)... Might try some onions in there as well - this might be good with broccoli and ham - I love the whole idea. Also I had extra puff pastry left over from the lattice, and I ended up putting cinnamon sugar on the strips and twisting it up and baking it. Was a delish dessert. Might even make that on its own for desserts for a party or something - maybe with honey drizzled over too.... hmmm.... Anyway thanks for saving dinner at my house tonight. YUM! Update: This is now a staple at my house - with all three of my kids saying this is their FAVORITE MEAL EVER. They request it over and over and it's easy to make so I oblige! Who would think a bunch of triplet first graders would think a spinach dish is their favorite meal? Thank you CardaMom!

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PBF August 13, 2009

Excellent. Looks beautiful when finished baking. Served to my parents, who loved this! Thanks for posting!

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spatchcock March 18, 2006

This was excellent! I ended up using 1/2 swiss and 1/2 parmesan, but only because a "little mouse" had eaten the rest of the swiss. Otherwise I didn't change a thing. I thought that I had hosed it up when the crust shrank away from the sides of the pan during the first baking, but continued anyway, and the finished product was perfect. I'm definitely going to try it with mushrooms, too. Thanks for the great recipe.

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Vina March 14, 2004
Spinach in Puff Pastry Casserole